9-11-01 Ten Years Later

If you normally stop by Free From Broke to read about different aspects of personal finance, well I’m not going to talk about that here.  Let me apologize in advance.  Feel free to move on to another site if you don’t want to hear about 9/11.  Really, I don’t mind.  (just come back tomorrow)

Ten years ago we had an attack on our way of living that changed our lives forever.  I know mine was changed.  How?  I can’t say entirely.  After ten years I still can’t pinpoint everything I feel about that fateful day.  I’m just going to write out some things in my head I’ve thought about.  Bear with me.
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Condo Fees You May Not Be Aware Of


Many 20-somethings graduate college and move to the city.  Not quite ready for homeownership, many of them may consider buying a condo.

Recently, I observed a billboard for a condo building in downtown Chicago that piqued my curiousity because it clearly was seeking to attract young professionals.  I went home and looked on their website, which was sleek and obviously catering to the 20 to early 30s crowd.  There were beautiful pictures of the high rise from the outside, pictures of the inside of different condos highlighting the beautiful city view, floor plans, and even interviews with a half dozen of the residents (all of them young professionals except for the token near retirement empty nester).

What really caught my interest was their page that declared, “You Can’t Afford Not To Buy!”

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Do You Need Disaster Insurance? What Type Should You Get?


Once again, a natural disaster has brought the attention of many to the possible need for disaster insurance. Hurricane Irene might not have been as fierce as many expected, but there will still probably be plenty of insurance claims from floods and other damage.  Whenever we hear of a hurricane, an earthquake, tornadoes or some other disaster, it often prompts a double-check of the homeowners policy to see if you would be covered in a similar disaster were to befall you.  Do you need disaster insurance?  See the different types available and if you need it.

Types of Disaster Coverage

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PerkStreet Financial 5% Cashback Powerperks September 2011

PerkStreet Financial, the online checking account, have released their September 2011 5% cashback Powerperks.  For those who don’t know PerkStreet yet I suggest you check out my PerkStreet Review.  We’ll wait.  All caught up?  Good.  So you know, PerkStreet offers cashback on their debit card spending (pretty rare for a checking account and for some, better than receiving an interest rate on checking).  You always get between 1% and 2% on your debit card spending.  On top of that, every month they select specific categories and retailers where you can earn 5% cashback.  The selections usually revolve around a seasonal theme, which makes the categories both practical and fun.

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Popular Honeymoon Spots on the Cheap

Big spending has dropped in popularity since the 2008 financial crisis.  The era of glamorous weddings and honeymoons appears to be over.  Engaged couples and newlyweds are downsizing to more affordable scenarios.  More couples are choosing to emphasize the emotional and conjugal aspects of marriage instead of focusing on “bling.”

Honeymoons have shifted from exotic, romantic locations to places that, while still beautiful and romantic, do not cost so much to travel to them.  Affordable honeymoon locations are more popular than ever.  Many of them serve their patrons well.  Couples can start a life together just as well if they stick to a budget when planning the trip.  Here are the top five most popular,cheap honeymoon locations. Continue Reading

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