The Hidden Cost of Credit Cards

People often debate the merits of one credit care versus another, as though certain cards have what even seems like a virtue at first glance! But is that really true?  Credit cards are something of a financial iceberg—the part you can see looks almost benign—and sometimes even pleasant–but the part you don’t see is where most of the costs are hiding.  And those hidden costs are buried in places we don’t often look.

Let’s take a look at the hidden cost of credit cards:

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Financial Blogger Conference 2011 – Meeting the PF Blogger World and More

Financial Blogger Conference

I woke up at the crack of dawn, if you can call stumbling out of bed, cursing the alarm waking up.  Strike that, it was about an hour before dawn.  At best I had four hours of sleep.  I had an hour to get up, shower, and finish putting my stuff together before I hopped a cab to catch my flight to the inaugural Financial Blogger Conference.  Sleep be damned, I was excited!

With complete coincidence, this article is publishing on what is my fourth anniversary, blogging with Free From Broke.  Four years is like, I don’t know what that’s like in blog years!  There was no iPhone or iPad when I started, that’s one thing.
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How to Prove Your Usefulness, Keep Your Job, and Maybe Even Get Ahead: Be Indispensable

One of the lessons many learned from the recent economic troubles is that almost no one is indispensable. You never know when your job could be on the chopping block.  You can, however, decrease the chance that you will be the one laid off when these decisions are made.  The key is showing that you are valuable — and possibly indispensable.

Here are some ways that by being indispensable you can prove your usefulness, keep your job, and maybe even get ahead:

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