To Do This Year: Buy Renters Insurance

Since 2008 and 2009, owning a home is about as in style as teased hair.

As foreclosures continue and people end up selling their home for less than what it was worth, renting has become the new way to live.  Not owning a home takes away the investment risk that is inherent in home ownership.

If the housing market would continue to falter, you’re not out anything.

Because of the distaste towards home ownership, renting has taken off.

Rental rates continue to rise and the amount of highly sought after apartments or homes continue to fall but according to a recent survey, 57% of renters are missing an important piece of insurance:

Renters Insurance!
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What Do You Think of New Year’s Resolutions?


This is the time of year where you come up with a list of resolutions for the New Year.

Some want to exercise more.  Others simply want to lose weight.  Some want to save more money, while others want to get out of debt.

What do you think of New Year’s resolutions?

I’m not sure what to think, to be honest.

On the one hand, I think it’s important to have goals.  A great goal that you follow through on give you guidance and something to aim your energies towards.

But I think setting a resolution or a goal just because the calendar changed is a bit odd.

Why not set goals throughout the year?

My Problem with Most Resolutions

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Three Stories That Prove Consumers Still Have Power


There’s a story that the media has missed in all of their 2011 wrap up stories.

It’s one of those rare feel-good economics stories that deserves to be relived because in 2011, one group above so many others who tried, showed that they have far more power than what they thought.

It’s not a story about Wall Street bankers, Washington politicians, the Tea Party movement or even the Occupiers.

It’s about you.

You, the consumer, showed that when you speak, you can influence the actions of the world’s biggest companies.

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4 Ways to Save on Taxes with Mutual Funds

We normally think of mutual funds as investment vehicles—which they are—but they can also offer valuable ways to save money on income taxes this spring and beyond.

There are steps you can take with mutual funds right now that can lower your tax liability either for the 2011 tax year or, failing that, for 2012.  Yes, there are ways to save on taxes with mutual funds!

Some of these are time sensitive, so you’ll want to either make your moves now, or position yourself to be able to take advantage when tax time comes around next year.  The important thing is to move on this — the windows close quickly.

Municipal Bond Funds

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Stay on Top of Credit Card Payments – How to Make Sure You Pay Your Credit Card on Time

If you’ve ever owned a credit card, and most people have at one point or another in their lives, they can be both a blessing and a curse.

If you are like me, you can probably recall that awful sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you receive your statement in the mail.  You frantically try to remember all of the purchases you made in the last month, and at the same time you scramble to remember if you made a payment and how much you put down towards the outstanding balance.

Oops, you didn’t.

Or how about that time you did some cleaning and found the credit card bill you swore you paid, but clearly you didn’t because, well, it’s sitting right there in you hand?

I’ve been there!

Missing payments on your credit card is a quick way to rack up late fee charges, hike up your interest rate, and possibly send your credit score into the dump.

I’m not even talking about whether you can afford what’s on your card or not.  That’s a whole other issue.  I’m talking about missing the due date on your credit card payments.
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What Are the Best Ways to Invest in Mutual Funds?

Most of us have a pretty good idea what mutual funds are about, so maybe the more relevant question is, what are the best ways to invest in mutual funds?

There are different ways to own them, different times and methods to invest, and even other assets we might like to hold in addition to mutual funds.

Properly used, mutual funds can increase investment returns substantially.

But view them as passive, invest-and-forget vehicles, and they may be no better than owning individual stocks.

Mutual fund family vs. brokerage accounts

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Groupon Old Navy National Deal

Deals sites are pretty popular these days and leading the pack is Groupon.

I’ve reviewed Groupon and written about their deals before.  This is a nice one that hits just in time for last-minute holiday shopping (or post-holiday shopping where you can usually find some great deals).

Here’s the current deal:

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