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Cool Stock Picks

ShareBuilder Review – Easy to Use and Low Commissions, Great For the New Investor

Glen's Note: Below is a review of the online broker ShareBuilder.  This particular broker happens to be the first one I opened up and it's still the one I use today when I buy stocks or funds outside of my retirement accounts.  I've loved the features of ShareBuilder for years including the fact that they are owned by Capital One and my Capital One 360 accounts are linked up so I can easily … [Read More...]

Personal Finance

How to teach your kids to be financially responsible.

How to Teach Your Children to Be Financially Responsible

As parents, we all want what is best for our children. You may often hear parents boast, “I want my kids to have what I didn’t have.”  We want the next generation to be more successful than we are. Yet, more and more that’s not happening. “Johnny” is a 54 year old man who still […]

When does it make sense to automate your finances?

When Does It Make Sense to Automate My Finances and How Do I Get Started?

Automating your finances is one way of simplifying your financial life. When your automate your finances you use your bank, credit card, or service provider’s website to set up automatic transactions on your behalf.  You can automate paying your utility bills, paying your credit card, investing your retirement funds, and many other tasks. Finance automation […]


Consider this when opening a brokerage account

The Best Online Discount Brokerages for Cheap Trades – Investing Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

Do you recall the days when you needed to call up a stock broker in order to make a stock trade? And you needed to make the trade in a “round lot” (you had to buy 100 shares)?  Did I just date myself?  Thanks to the internet that’s no longer the case and it’s easy […]

fee free investing with Loyal3

Loyal3 Review – Is Fee Free Investing for Real? Maybe

How do you pick a brokerage firm? Is it based on a funny commercial or the latest print ad you saw?  (I hope you take your retirement more seriously than this!) Or it is based on a careful analysis of costs, investment options, and overall value? Here’s the deal: Not all brokerage accounts are the […]

More on Free From Broke

How will student loans affect your credit score?

How Will Your Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score?

You’d be hard-pressed to make it through college these days without student loans. With the cost of a post-secondary education rising each year, most people can’t afford to attend university without the help of student loans.  Even a 529 plan and a partial-tuition scholarship might not be enough to avoid student loans. While there are […]

Is Extreme Couponing Worth It?

Extreme Couponing: Do You Really Save or is it a Waste of Time?

Extreme couponing has become quite the craze and there’s no denying there can be significant savings to be had; but at what cost? This sounds like an oxymoron – but depending on the circumstances, couponing can come with a hefty price tag.  There are some great deals to be had out there and there is […]

Your guide to student credit cards

Your Guide to College Student Credit Cards and the Best Cards Out There

Should a college student get a credit card?  That’s certainly a heated question. One the one hand, it’s terribly easy for a young adult to get themselves into credit card debt they may regret years after they graduate. Students loans are bad enough without other debt looming over you. On the other hand, a credit […]

Textbook pile

10 Tricks to Get Cheaper Textbooks (Because Tuition is Expensive Enough!)

When I went back to school some years ago I expected tuition to be higher, and it was.   That wasn’t a shock though.  I know that tuition goes up every year and how expensive it is.  I was prepared for that. Know what shocked me?  I was shocked at how expensive textbooks had become! […]

Maximizing self-employed profits by moving abroad.

Moving Abroad to Maximize Self-Employed Profits

You might have had this happen:  You decide on a great business idea and launch your business.  You nurture it from the beginning, investing your time and energy into it.  You know you have a good idea, and business is growing.  But it’s not growing enough to support you–yet. If your savings is dwindling, what […]

Happy penguin at aquarium

Free Museum Days From Bank Of America with Museums on Us

Wouldn’t you love to visit more museums?   What generally holds us back from going out to more museums is time and money.  Let’s face it, not only can it get expensive for a family to go to the museum these days but it can get pretty hectic too (at least it is with our […]

Reasons We Can't Stick to Our Budget

7 Reasons We Have Trouble Sticking to Our Budget

Every month, I diligently write out our budget and track how we spend our money.  Most months we stay close to our target budget.  However, there are some months, especially the winter months when we have a number of expenses due at once, where we struggle to make ends meet. I’m sure you’ve experienced this […]

Free Newsletter to Keep you Free From Broke!Name: Email: We respect your email privacyPowered by AWeber email marketing