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Get Your Credit Score…For Free

You know you need to have a great credit score.  But how can you get your credit score for free?

Having a good credit score will open all sorts of financial doors for you.  It’s fairly well-known that your credit score means a lot when you are applying for loans.  If you want to get approved for a loan, you need a good score.  If you want the best interest rates, you need a great score.

Having a good credit score will save you a ton in interest charges.

You can save hundreds, or even thousands, over the life of your loan.  Whether you are applying for a mortgage, an auto loan, or a credit card, good credit is essential if you want to be approved on the best terms.

You should also realize that your credit score can be used for other purposes as well.
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Consider Working at a University to Help Pay College Expenses

My aunt and uncle, both high school graduates with no college education, had nine kids and helped the ones who wanted to go to college pay for their education.

Many of the nine children now hold professional positions such as financial planner and nursing supervisor.  They are all successful adults, and some make very good salaries.

My aunt and uncle were able to help pay a portion of their children’s college costs despite the fact that my uncle worked in a factory for a number of years while my aunt was a homemaker.

How were they able to do it?

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Are You Cut Out to be a Landlord?

One of the ways that many people decide to invest in real estate, or create a passive income stream, is to purchase a rental property with the intention of becoming a landlord.

Owning property that you can rent out to others can be one way of creating income, and also of waiting for a property to increase in value.

However, being a landlord isn’t for everyone.

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What is Market Timing and Does it Work?

If you invest in the stock market, you might be pretty frustrated by the huge swings you’ve been experiencing on a daily basis.

That’s especially true if you’re trying to amass enough money to retire one day.  In an effort to mute those terrifying swings you might be interested in alternatives.

One of those alternatives is timing your investments.

But just what is market timing?

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Our Switch To Netflix – Review


A few years ago my wife complained about our cable bill.

“This is a ridiculous amount to pay every month” she said.

We had a premium cable channel on our plan but we weren’t even watching most of the movies or shows it provided.  And the movies it did show played over and over without much variety.

I thought about it and it was ridiculous.

So what to do?

We wanted to be able to watch recent movies without having to pay per movie or leave the house to pick something up. 

Enter Netflix!
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Don’t Get Too Hung Up on the Value Investing vs. Growth Investing Debate

If you go by the conventional wisdom, investors come in two varieties.

On one hand, you have investors who ply their trade in the belief that the past performance of a stock has clues to its future performance.  Technical investing, as it is commonly known, depends much on behavioral aspects of investing, with stock charts being the main tools of the trade.

On the other hand, you have investors who believe that investing success lies in researching the business of the company on a fundamental level, and digging deep into a business? ability to generate profits over a long term.

Fundamental investing is further divided into growth investing and value investing.

Traditional media, and indeed a surfeit of financial publications, both online and offline, take pains to point out the differences between the value investing and growth investing approach.

But at the root, all investing is value investing.

To understand this, we need to go back to the basic principles of fundamental investing. Continue Reading

Occupy Movement Protests: A Revolution or a Waste of Time?

Unless you’re completely oblivious to all news outlets, chances are you’ve heard of the recent Occupy Movement protests in the U.S.

It all started on September 17, 2011 with the New York General Assembly.  Over one thousand people assembled and “occupied” in Liberty Square in the Manhattan Financial District to express their outrage and “a feeling of mass injustice” that the 1% of the richest people in America are making hard, selfish decisions, negatively affecting the other 99% of the country.  This commenced the Occupy Wall Street movement that we hear so much about in the news.

Some of these injustices include, but are not limited to: Continue Reading

Free Newsletter to Keep you Free From Broke!Name: Email: We respect your email privacyPowered by AWeber email marketing