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FutureAdvisor Review – Investment Management and Advice With Low Fees (Even Free)

FutureAdvisor is a web-based investment platform that automatically manages your portfolio. The site offers comprehensive investment management and does so with one of the lowest fee structures in the industry. Read on as we review FutureAdvisor and you'll see whether they are a great investing platform for you. FutureAdvisor - Get Professional-Grade Investment Management at a Low … [Read More...]

Personal Finance

Should you buy a bigger house?

Should You Buy a Bigger House? Take These Into Consideration First!

Many people look to the time when they can get a bigger home.  Sometimes you just need more space.  Some just want the bigger place.  I see homes being torn down and re-built into much larger houses. Thing is, when you buy a bigger house you aren’t just paying a bigger mortgage.  With a bigger […]

How to Start an Emergency Fund

How to Start an Emergency Fund – It’s Not That Hard!

One of the best things you can do for your personal economy is to start an emergency fund. Your emergency fund can help protect you against financial setbacks, since it provides you with a little extra cushion to draw on.  Rather than turning to debt, you can use money in your emergency fund to cover […]


tradeMONSTER Review

tradeMONSTER Review – Low Commissions With Professional Quality Tools

tradeMONSTER is a real time investment trading platform that features some of the lowest trading fees in the industry. Though it has only been around a few years, it has grown steadily in to one of the most popular trading platforms for active, self-directed investors.  If this describes you then read on see if tradeMONSTER […]

Cool Stock Picks

ShareBuilder Review – Easy to Use and Low Commissions, Great For the New Investor

ShareBuilder isn’t the lowest cost investment platform around, but it’s the complete package for the individual investor. Is it one of the best platforms you can get?  That will depend on what’s important to you, and what features interest you most. Who is ShareBuilder? ShareBuilder is part of Capital One which is one of the […]

More on Free From Broke

How to budget for Christmas Shopping So You Don't Go Broke

How to Budget for Christmas Shopping – Your Guide to Survive the Holiday Season

Yes, it is only just Fall and the leaves are barely starting to change color but before any of us realize it, the snow will be on the ground and Jingle Bells will be playing at the mall (OK, the holiday music will start once Halloween is over). Budgeting for Christmas shopping now may sound like a […]


Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard – Review: 40k Bonus Miles, 2x Rewards, and More

When you use a credit card wisely it’s a great tool to have in your pocket.  But it’s even better when you can earn some nice, juicy rewards that can help you travel! That’s what the Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® does. Stick around and keep reading our review and I’ll show you why […]

How to save on Halloween costumes for the kids.

Read These 12 Tips and Save on Halloween Costumes for Your Kids

Halloween is great fun!  I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite holidays. Here’s the one holiday where you are allowed to dress up and go around asking people for candy.  And they give it to you! I remember how exciting it was going around town in my Halloween costume, getting candy from all […]

6 Reasons a Tight Budget Makes You Better With Your Money

Why a Tight Budget Will Make You Better With your Money – 6 Benefits

For most of our married life, my husband and I have had a very tight budget. When we were first married and living in an area with a high cost of living (the near suburbs of Chicago), we had $24,000 in student loan debt and $10,000 in credit card debt from getting my Master’s degree […]

Is your money mindset killing your finances?

Is Your Money Mindset Killing Your Finances?

Millions of Americans are struggling to pay their bills and meet their financial obligations.  The last eight years have taken a toll on Americans economically, and many are still feeling the financial repercussions.  According to one study, indebted Americans owe $14,517 on credit cards on average (Forbes). But how much they owe isn’t the only […]

Why do I need life insurance and how much should I buy?

Why Do I Need Life Insurance and How Much Should I Buy?

I think it’s safe to say most people don’t like the idea of thinking about life insurance. It’s a reminder that, after all, we’re mortal and one day we won’t be around anymore.  In fact the subject bothers some people so much that they don’t even look into getting life insurance. But you won’t do […]

What should you do with a cash windfall?

What Should You Do With a Cash Windfall?

Quick—if you got a serious cash windfall what would you do with it? What’s a serious cash windfall?  That number is different for everyone but I think any amount that would make a significant dent in your life (or more).  I’m thinking an amount starting at $1,000 and going up from there. It’s fun to think […]