Bank Rates

Are looking for a place to put your savings? Compare some of the best savings rates in the nation. If you are looking for a checking account, take a look at some great free online checking accounts.

Here are some popular online banks which are all FDIC insured.

BankInterest Rate (APY)*Minimum DepositInformation

$1Capital One 360 was online banking before online banking was popular. They link directly to your checking account to transfer funds and there are no monthly fees or account minimums. If you ever have a question about your account then you can call their excellent customer service!
SmartyPig 125x1251.35%$25SmartyPig allows users to create savings goals that other can help contribute to. It’s social savings where you can post your goals so your friends and family can help provide financial support toward your goals. All while earning a competitive rate on your savings. SmartyPig Review
Ally Bank 125x1250.85%$0Ally Bank is the re-launch of GMAC Financial Services. You need nothing to open an account and there are never any monthly fees. Interest is compounded daily for maximum earnings.
WT Direct 125x1251.21%$0WT Direct has no minimums or fees. They also offer higher transfer limits than many banks. *For the first 60 days your account is open you get the highest rate. After the 60 days you need to have $10,000 in your account to receive the highest rate.
HSBC Advance1.00%$0HSBC Advance offers an online savings account with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirement. You need $1 to start. You also have the option of using HSBC ATM's to deposit and withdraw funds.
Shorebank Direct1.20% (1.24% with a $100,00 balance).$1The ShoreBank Direct high yield savings account offers one of the higher interest rates out there and they pride themselves in investing in people and their communities.

Always make sure you check and understand any account details before you sign up. (*Rates may change but not be represented here).