ShareBuilder Review – Easy to Use and Low Commissions, Great For the New Investor

ShareBuilder isn’t the lowest cost investment platform around, but it’s the complete package for the individual investor.

Is it one of the best platforms you can get?  That will depend on what’s important to you, and what features interest you most.

Who is ShareBuilder?

Capital One ShareBuilderShareBuilder is part of Capital One which is one of the largest financial institutions in the US.  Capital One started in 1988 and has grown from a small bank to becoming a Fortune 500 company, with over 45 million customers nationwide.

ShareBuilder is the individual investment platform of Capital One, that offers “online investing, without clutter”.  It has become one of the most popular investment platforms available, as well as one of the longest running platforms in the industry.

ShareBuilder seeks to offer low-cost trading through a dynamic website that offers all of the tools that investors will need in order to be successful.  The platform has innovative tools and applications, some of which are unique to the industry.

Glen’s Note: Below is a review of the online broker ShareBuilder.  This particular broker happens to be the first one I opened up and it’s still the one I use today when I buy stocks or funds outside of my retirement accounts.  I’ve loved the features of ShareBuilder for years including the fact that they are owned by Capital One and my Capital One 360 accounts are linked up so I can easily transfer funds.  I think ShareBuilder is a great online broker that you should take a close look at if you are considering opening up a new brokerage account.

ShareBuilder Account Minimums and Fees

ShareBuilder has no account minimums, which makes it close to unique among investment platforms.

This is a particularly important feature if you are a very small investor, a complete novice who’s looking to build your portfolio from the ground up, and even and especially, to establish an investment account for children.

Transaction fees are roughly in the middle of the pack among popular investment platforms, which is to say they’re lower than what you’ll see at E*Trade and TD Ameritrade, but higher than the deep discounters like TradeKing and OptionsHouse.

ShareBuilder’s transactions fees are:

  • Online Trades, $6.95 per trade
  • Broker Assisted Trades, $19.95 per trade
  • Options, $.75 per contract, plus the base commission of $6.95
  • Automatic Investing, $3.95 (more on that below)

Mutual Funds

ShareBuilder has two different pricing structures for mutual funds.

On 100% No-load funds ShareBuilder offers $0.00 transaction fees per trade, in 70 funds such as Guggenheim, Dreyfuss, and Motley Fool.  This includes mutual funds invested in through their Automatic Investment program (more on that coming up).

On mutual funds with low transaction fees, ShareBuilder charges a transaction fee of $19.95 per trade.  This applies to popular mutual fund families, including Fidelity, Vanguard, and T. Rowe Price. ShareBuilder Pricing

ShareBuilder’s “Automatic Investing”

Share Builder’s Automatic Investing program allows you to make dollar-based investments.

You can purchase stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds on a scheduled basis that you choose.  For example, you can schedule your investments to take place weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  You can also set up one-time only investments.

The basic pricing on this option is $3.95 per investment, and you can set up a variety of funding options.

However, if your investments are set up to use market orders or limit orders you will be subject to regular commission charges.

Automatic investment purchases are made on Tuesdays, and are conducted exclusively online. You can edit your investment and funding instructions up until 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on the Monday before your trade takes place.

Glen: One important factor to point out that I love about ShareBuilder’s dollar-based investments — they allow you to buy fractional shares.  What does that mean?  It means you don’t have to buy a whole shares, you can actually buy a fraction of a share.This is particularly useful when a stock price is relatively high. For instance, I’ve bought a few companies that have had stock prices that were hundreds of dollars a share.  I can’t always commit the type of money that will buy lots of shares of a priced stock.  With ShareBuilder I’ve been able to commit a dollar amount rather than a specific number of shares when I invest. ShareBuilder’s Automatic Investing is a great way for a new investor to build up a portfolio with needing tons of money or get killed with commission fees.

Click Here to Find Out More or Open A ShareBuilder Account

“Portfolio Builder” – Build Your Own Portfolio

Portfolio Builder is another interesting feature offered by ShareBuilder.

This application allows you to design your own portfolio, based on using exchange traded funds that match your investing style. You can create an entire portfolio of ETF’s with a commission just $18.95.

You can start a Portfolio Builder plan by investing as little as $200.

You can do this by selecting your particular investment style, which you can determine using ShareBuilder’s Investment Style Questionnaire.  Once you’ve established your investment style, you simply enter the dollar amount of your investment, and the program does the rest.  Whatever amount of money you decide to invest will be distributed across your investments based on your investment style.

Dollar-based Investing

This option allows you to base your investment choices on specific dollar amounts, rather than on a certain number of shares.

Whether you choose to allocate based on percentages, number of shares, or dollar amounts, your Portfolio Builder portfolio will include a mix of six to eight ETFs, which based on the $18.95 portfolio commission, can work out to be as little as $2.36 per commission for each ETF fund purchased.

This pricing structure can be extremely beneficial if you are investing a large amount of money in your portfolio. For example, a $20,000 portfolio position costs less than one tenth of one percent to set up.

There are however three downsides to this pricing arrangement:

  1. The purchase of a small portfolio can be prohibitively expensive.  If you invest the minimum $200, a transaction fee of $18.95 is nearly 10%.
  2. The commission is paid each time you invest in the Portfolio Builder.
  3. If you choose to rebalance or buy and sell individual securities in your portfolio, regular online trade prices will apply.

The Portfolio Builder can either be a transaction fee bargain (as mentioned above, if you take a large position all at once), or it can be prohibitive if you attempt any of the three options listed above.

ShareBuilder Tools

All investment platforms offer various investor tools, and here are some of those offered by ShareBuilder.

Account Management

ShareBuilder provides innovate tools to help you manage your account, including integrating your ShareBuilder with accounts held outside the platform.

  • View your ShareBuilder and Capital One 360 accounts in one place
  • Choose to reinvest dividends and capital gains automatically at no additional cost
  • Import transactions into tools like and Quicken®

Portfolio Analysis

This is probably the main reason investors choose to use an investment platform like ShareBuilder. Some of the information that ShareBuilder will provide access to includes:

  • Analyze your portfolio by asset type, sector, global region, or market cap
  • View each position’s gain or loss and cost basis
  • Check out analyst ratings and rankings for your positions

ShareBuilder portfolio analysis

Tax Center

If you’re an active trader, taxes can be a major stumbling block – if you don’t have the information you need at tax time.  ShareBuilder makes this easy, providing the following capabilities through the Tax Center:

  • Calculate your cost basis using our Gain & Loss Tax Management Tool
  • Import your tax documents directly to H&R Block, TurboTax, or TaxAct
  • See 1099 tax forms for the last three years

If you prepare your own income taxes with Turbo Tax – as many investors do – the ability to import your investment tax documents into the tax software will probably eliminate the most complicated part of preparing your own taxes.

Retirement Accounts

ShareBuilder provides no-maintenance fee IRAs, which can work especially well with 100% no-load mutual funds and ETFs.  The Portfolio Builder can also help with retirement planning, and failing that you can also call a retirement specialist. ShareBuilder also hosts small business 401(k) plans.  They can be set up for a sole practitioner (Solo 401(k) ), or for a business with 50 or more employees.

They also provide the following support for your 401(k) plan, including:

  • Licensed 401(k) consultants to help you determine the right plan design
  • Customer Success Managers to ensure your plan runs smoothly
  • Customer Care agents to help employees with access and 401(k) account use

Retire My Way

This is a pretty cool tool.  It allows you to construct your retirement plan based on a combination of factors, including finances, preferences, lifestyle and risk tolerance.

The tool works in a multi-step process, and it can actually be fun:

  • Screen 1 – You start by choosing a basic lifestyle – Suburban Living, City Dweller, or World Traveler, among other lifestyles.
  • Screen 2 – Estimate your retirement expenses – here you enter everything from housing and basic living costs to hobbies and travel expenses anticipated in retirement – as well as what state you want to live in.
  • Screen 3 – Next you enter your age, current income, anticipated retirement age, life expectancy, anticipated retirement income sources and investments and other assets.
  • Screen 4 – Here you select Target Date or Fixed Allocation investing, as well as your investing style – aggressive, moderate, balanced, conservative or stable.
  • Screen 5 – This screen shows you how much you need to modify your retirement savings pattern in order to meet your goal. You can choose either a steady monthly increase in savings, or increase it on a gradual basis to match your financial ability.
  • Screen 6 – This is the plan summary page.

Retire My Way allows you to change the numbers and scenarios which will give you complete flexibility in creating a retirement plan that will get you where you need to go.

ShareBuilder Promotions

ShareBuilder currently offers up some nice promotions to help further entice you to join them.  Take a look…

  • Earn up to $600 when you transfer an account from another broker.  The bonus is broken out into tiers based on how much you transfer over.
  • Start an IRA and get a $50 bonus.  Open up an IRA account and use the promo code MC505KIRA and you’ll be eligible for a $50 bonus.  You need to deposit at least $5,000 into the account.
  • Get a $50 bonus when you open a custodial account.  A custodial account is an account you open for a minor (legalese for a child) that you control until they are old enough.

These offers change over time so make sure you check the ShareBuilder site for specifics.

Banking Products

The affiliation with Capital One gives ShareBuilder the advantage of tying in with a banking arm, Capital One 360.  They are able to provide checking and savings accounts, as well as mortgage loans and business savings accounts.

360 Checking

This is an interest bearing checking account with no minimum balances and no monthly fees. You can also access your money for free though more than 38,000 Allpoint ATMs.

360 Savings

You can earn a competitive interest rate, also with no account minimums and no monthly fees, along with up to $250,000 FDIC insurance per depositor.

Glen’s Note: One nice advantage to ShareBuilder being tied to Capital One 360 is you can transfer money instantly between your accounts.  This way if you want to fund a trade with one of your 360 accounts you don’t have to wait for a transfer to first go through.  By the way, I have Capital One 360 checking and savings accounts.

Is ShareBuilder the Right Investment Platform for You?

If transaction fees are your primary motivation, you can find less expensive platforms than ShareBuilder. However if you like an investment platform with plenty of investor support functions – such as those described above – ShareBuilder warrants a serious look. At a minimum, the fact that the platform has no account balance minimums makes it a great place to start investing and building up your account from humble beginnings.

Click Here to Find Out More or Open A ShareBuilder Account

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Published or updated January 6, 2015.


  1. I love ShareBuilder, it’s so user friendly. I started using it in college when I decide I had $35, and I was going to use it to buy a stock. Thank goodness for their no minimums.

    This Retire My Way things is new though – or I just never noticed it. I’m definitely going to have to log on and play with it.

    • Glen Craig says:

      I love that you can get investing with very low money! I’m not sure Retire My Way was there when I opened my account either but it does look pretty neat.

  2. I love Sharebuilder! I’ve been a long time user and honestly it’s one of the easiest to understand in my opinion. Though I can’t say I looked around that much because I’d heard such great things about Sharebuilder already.

  3. I will love to give ShareBuilder a try. The comparison chart is definitely helpful. Can they help me in investing too by giving suggestions from time to time? If Yes, do they charge for that?

    • Hi Amanda – The answer to that is yes and no! For broker assisted trades they do charge a premium ($19.95 per trade), but on retirement accounts you do have access to a Retirement Specialist, and there is no indication of a charge for that service.

  4. I have been a long-time customer (so long that my account number is only a bunch of zeroes followed by four digits!) I love Sharebuilder except for two things:

    1. Their pricing has gotten worse and worse. It used to be $20/month for 20 trades. Now it is nearly $4 per transaction? That is a 400% increase, while other firms have been lowering their trading prices. Wrong way!

    2. When I transferred some money to another financial institution, they did not provide an automated or electronic version of all of the trades. As I had the account, investing in 20+ stocks for over 10 years, this was a TREMENDOUS burden! I find it preposterous that they could calculate the purchase price for IRS reporting, or for “gains/losses” calculations while you have the account, but then “poof” that information is not available. Further, it took months to make the transfer. I still am not sure if they were just “friendly and incompetent?” Or if they were “friendly and uncooperative…”

    I will say I have made a lot of money using this product – there are just several areas for easy improvement for the customer experience.

  5. I have heard great things about Sharebuilder also. Will take a closer look at them this year.

  6. Great post, Glen! It is good to know that they allow you invest in fractional shares.

  7. Couldn’t close out an old CD. No one at the company knew what to do. Website has many glitches. My money is lost in limbo.

  8. This is really great opportunity for me. I like the prices 🙂 I will try them

  9. Great to hear they are now offering no maintenance IRA retirement accounts. I’ve been meaning to get started on my IRA and this looks like a great way to go about it. Thanks!

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