TradeKing Online Discount Brokerage Review – Inexpensive Trades and Plenty of Tools

Putting your trust into an investment website can be somewhat scary.

How do you know if they are really trustworthy with your money and investments?

TradeKing online discount brokerage may be the place for you.  Let’s take a look at what makes TradeKing great in this TradeKing review.

At, you do not need to have any worries about the safety of your trades.  Established in 2005, they strive to take care of their investors in every way they can.  They designed their company to make it easier for investors without any confusing double-talk and they treat everyone equal, instead of only giving their full attention to the large investors.

TradeKing treats each and every client like they would like to be treated themselves, and strive to work by principles of honesty, fairness and high-touch service.  At TradeKing  you can even converse with other investors in their Trader Network, so that you can see what others are investing in and what is working for them, getting much needed advice for your investments from people like you.

Why Choose TradeKing?

At TradeKing, they strive to have fair and simple pricing.

Let’s face it, $4.95 per trade is pretty cheap.  If you trade with any frequency then a low commission fee is what you need.  You don’t want trade fees eating up your returns.

There are no surprise fees or account minimums to worry about, so every dollar in your portfolio counts.  They also have the best rated customer service available.

They have short hold times, respond quickly to emails and you can chat with a broker online.

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TradeKing also provides you with all the tools you need for successful trading. 

You will have access to all of these tools the moment you open an account.  They have a list of award-winning tools available to you including Stock and Option Screeners, comprehensive stock and options glossary, Profit and Loss Calculator, Probability Calculator, MarketGrader Research Reports, Technical Analysis Tools and the Maxit Tax Manager.  Best of all, these are all free of charge with your account.

Another great feature of is the fact that they have a unique trader network, it’s possible to interact with other professional option traders.  You can swap ideas and strategies with each other and you can see how others are trading and get insights from the type of trading the professionals are conducting.

Perhaps the best reason to trade with is the fact that their accounts are secure and insurance protected.  They use maximum encryption technology on their website, plus they have SIPC, and additional third-party insurance, so that you know your assets are safe and sound and you can rest easy.

What TradeKing Has to Offer You

When you have an account at TradeKing you can expect to have certain features to your account including:

  • Transfer Money – They make it easy to transfer your money, with several options as well.  These include wiring money, ACH transfer, sending a check or transferring from another broker.
  • Account Management –  Keep a close eye on all of your assets, buying power, your trading activity and more. You are in control of your own portfolio.
  • Gains and Losses – You can keep track of your overall trading performance including realized and unrealized gains.
  • Records and Sharing – You can view records of your past activity, download it to print or import into accounting software, plus allow loved ones secure access to your account.
  • The Maxit Tax Manager – This helpful tool allows you to keep track of all of your tax obligations over all of your accounts and helps you to understand any tax ramifications before you place any new trades.

A Closer Look Into TradeKing’s Pricing

They pride themselves with fair and simple pricing, plus no hidden fees or account minimums.  They even offer broker-assisted trades at no additional cost unlike some of their competitors.

Stock and EFT trades cost $4.95 per trade.

If conducting option trades, you’ll pay the $4.95 per trade plus an additional 65 cents.  If greater than 8 contracts, the price will lower to $8.95 per trade plus fifteen cents a contract to save you money.  You only get charged for a single leg with multi-leg trades, and if you’re carrying short options under 5 cents, you can buy to close those positions free of charge.

Special Deals

If you have an account at another broker, TradeKing is offering a $150 transfer fee reimbursement to cover the transfer cost of moving your account to TradeKing.

Help your friends invest too!  When you refer a friend to TradeKing, and they open an account with at least $1,000 and make a trade, you and your friend will each get $50 deposited into your accounts.

Is TradeKing for You?

Overall, seems like a sensible choice for you investments.

Keep in mind that TradeKing is built for traders (it’s in the name there, you know).  They expect you to trade.  That’s why their commissions are so low.  They do have an inactivity fee if you haven’t made any trades in 12 months.  It’s not that hard to make a trade in a year but it is something to keep in mind.


With their super-low prices, assortment of free tools to help you trade easily, and the extra insurance security to protect all of your investments, TradeKing has a lot to offer any trader.

Sign up for TradeKing and see more details about their brokerage.

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Published or updated February 14, 2014.

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