Shoeboxed Review – Organize Your Receipts for Tax Time and More

Whether you’re looking to do some cleaning, looking to go green or paperless, or just want to get a little more organized, can help you.

Imagine this…

You’re getting ready to finally do your taxes. Besides all the tax forms you need you also have to put together your receipts. But where are they?

If you’re like most people they are piled up someplace, like a shoebox, waiting to be organized. Or they are spread out all over the place and you hope you can find each and every receipt.

Not fun.

Shoeboxed offers a service where you can send in your papers/receipts that you want a digital copy of, they’ll extract the data for you, and it’s all available in your own account.

They also allow you to scan in receipts yourself so you have one place to keep everything.

Read on in our review and you’ll see what Shoeboxed is all about and how it can help keep you organized for tax time and more!

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How Shoeboxed Works

Shoeboxed Review

You have some choices in how you scan your receipts with Shoeboxed…

Send your paper clutter:

Have receipts and business cards taking up space in manilla folders and filing cabinet space? Send those and other papers you’d like to keep for records in to Shoeboxed in their pre-paid envelopes.

You can also send in photos of your paper using your phone’s camera or the Shoeboxed iPhone app.

You can also forward e-mail receipts straight to your account for safe keeping. If you have a scanner, you can scan the documents yourself and upload them to Shoeboxed for safe-keeping and organization.

Scan & data enter everything:

Once your documents are received by the Shoeboxed staff, they’re scanned, the information is extracted and verified by humans, categorized, and organized into your account.

You now have your receipts and business cards organized and archived in one central location that’s fully searchable.

You’re organized:

From there, you can do with your original documents what you’d like!

Trash the originals, download the documents and export into software like Quicken and Excel, or integrate with Shoeboxed partners like Evernote,, and Constant Contact.

Your business cards will be organized into an online contact list.

How Shoeboxed Works

Start scanning your receipts with Shoeboxed.

Great for Accounting and Taxes

Let us Handle the Clutter
Tax season is underway, and many people are going through thousands of receipts from the year.

Some receipts were probably faded and were no longer legible after sitting in a folder for months on end. This probably made things a little more difficult for those who needed the information for filing their taxes.

This no longer becomes a problem when you use Shoeboxed as not only are all of your receipts in one place, they’re virtual, saving space, categorized, and available for you to view and send with minimal effort.

Oh, and how many receipts did you mis-place or flat-out lose? Those expenses are gone. Scan them though and you have them when you need them!

Create Expense Reports

Shoebox has a great feature where you can create comprehensive expense reports not only online but from your mobile phone as well.

Your Documents are Safe

Many people around the country have been experiencing the effects of natural disasters, losing all of their important documents, including pictures, certificates, business cards and more. With a virtual paper trail, even if your papers are destroyed, they’re safe online.

Rest assured, it’s a great feeling knowing copies of important documents are only a click away.

Software Connected

Who wants to manually put information into QuickBooks and Outlook?

You no longer have to.

Shoeboxed allows you to connect with these and other companies to export the scanned copies directly into the software and programs.  Save your files as PDFs, XLS and more.

Here are some of the companies Shoebox integrates with: Quickbooks, Evernote, Outright, Wave, and more (some companies will only work with upgraded plans).

Mobile Money Management

Having a hard time remembering what you spent your money on? You can now use the Shoeboxed iPhone app to immediately take a photo of your receipt, where it will be available for an expense report. Your receipts and reimbursements are available in the palm of your hand.

What Does Shoeboxed Cost?

Shoeboxed has several pricing plans to fit the needs of individuals, families and businesses, ranging from the free do-it-yourself model, $9.95/month for Lite, $29.95/month for Classic, and $49.95 for business. You save 20% off of the plans with annual billing.

Depending on the plan you choose, you can have your hard copies returned to you, a quarterly back-up CD, a dedicated account manager, and a personal Shoeboxed e-mail address to send virtual receipts from online shopping.  You can even start out with a free 30-day trial or go directly to an annual plan (the annual plan has a 30-day money back guarantee).

Special for Free From Broke Readers!

I’ve worked out a special deal with Shoeboxed for Free From Broke readers. Sign up with the link below and you will get 50% for the first two months after your free trial ends! You need to sign up on the special landing page they set up for this offer.

Head over to Shoeboxed

If you find yourself with a lot of papers, receipts, business cards, and more to keep track of the Showboxed could be the answer to your organization!

As you can see, they have lots of options for downloading as well as pricing programs to fit your needs.  Don’t get stuck with lost receipts or papers that have faded.  Scan your documents through Shoeboxed and stay organized.

Try Shoeboxed with a 30-day free trial.

Have you tried Shoeboxed?  What do you think?

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Published or updated February 27, 2015.


  1. I haven’t tried Shoeboxed before and I think this is really a good program to organize all your paper files. I should try their 30-day free trial now and I’m sure I would love it!

  2. Loving the sound of this. I’m a big fan of getting technology to help you so will check this out today.

  3. Thank you Glen,
    I have not tried Shoeboxed yet either. It sounds like it will make tax season much less stressful this year.

  4. Sounds simple enough – Thanks Glen!

  5. I haven’t tried them but it looks like a good timesaver. Some things are just worth paying for even though I am generally frugal.

  6. I signed up for the free trial after reading this. I really like this service. A big Thank You!

  7. If you have an accountant and you need to organize your receipts then this solution sounds like the ideal tool — thanks for the mention! 🙂

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