Shoeboxed Review – Organize Your Receipts and Business Cards

Whether you’re looking to do some cleaning, looking to go green or paperless, or just want to get a little more organized, can help you.  Shoeboxed offers a service where you can send in your papers/receipts that you want a digital copy of, they’ll extract the data for you, and it’s all available in your own account.

How Shoeboxed Works

Send your paper clutter: Have receipts and business cards taking up space in manilla folders and filing cabinet space? Send those and other papers you’d like to keep for records into Shoeboxed in their pre-paid envelopes.  You can also send in photos of your paper using your phone’s camera or the Shoeboxed iPhone app.  You can also forward e-mail receipts straight to your account for safe keeping.  If you have a scanner, you can scan the documents yourself and upload them to Shoeboxed for safe-keeping and organization.

Scan & data enter everything: Once your documents are received by the Shoeboxed staff, they’re scanned, the information is extracted and verified by humans, categorized, and organized into your account.

You’re organized: From there, you can do with your documents what you’d like!  Trash the originals, download the documents and export into software like Quicken and Excel, or integrate with Shoeboxed partners like Evernote, and Constant Contact.

How Shoeboxed Works

Great for Accounting and Taxes

Tax season just passed, and many people went through thousands of receipts from the year.  Some receipts were probably faded and were no longer legible after sitting in a folder for months on end.  This probably made things a little more difficult for those who needed the information for filing their taxes.  This no longer becomes a problem when you use Shoeboxed as not only are all of your receipts in one place, they’re virtual, saving space, categorized, and available for you to view and send with minimal effort.

Your Documents are Safe

Many people around the country have been experiencing the effects of natural disasters, losing all of their important documents, including pictures, certificates, business cards and more.  With a virtual paper trail, even if your papers are destroyed, they’re safe online.  Rest assured, it’s a great feeling knowing copies of important documents are only a click away.

Software Connected

Save me hours each week! -
Who wants to manually put information into QuickBooks and Outlook?  You no longer have to.  Shoeboxed allows you to connect with these and other companies to export the scanned copies directly into the software and programs.  Save your files as PDFs, XLS and more.

Mobile Money Management

Having a hard time remembering what you spent your money on?  You can now use the Shoeboxed iPhone app to immediately take a photo of your receipt, where it will be available for an expense report.  Your receipts and reimbursements are available in the palm of your hand.

What Does Shoeboxed Cost?

Shoeboxed has several pricing plans to fit the needs of individuals, families and businesses, ranging from the free do-it-yourself model, $9.95/month for Lite, $29.95/month for Classic, and $49.95 for business.  Depending on the plan you choose, you can have your hard copies returned to you, a quarterly back-up CD, a dedicated account manager, and a personal Shoeboxed e-mail address to send virtual receipts from online shopping.  You can even start out with a free 30-day trial or go directly to an annual plan (the annual plan has a 30-day money back guarantee).

If you find yourself with a lot of papers, receipts, business cards, and more to keep track of the Showboxed could be the answer to your organization! As you can see, they have lots of options for downloading as well as pricing programs to fit your needs.  Don’t get stuck with lost receipts or papers that have faded.  Scan your documents through Shoeboxed and stay organized.

Try Shoeboxed with a 30-day free trial.

Have you tried Shoeboxed?  What do you think?


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Published or updated December 11, 2014.


  1. optionsdude says:

    Sounds like a good idea, but for $9.95 a month I would be willing to do it myself. Buy a scanner and spend a Saturday getting organized. I am sure that there are those who might want to do something else with their time but for me it doesn’t seem worth the cost.

    • Here’s the deal – Shoeboxed has a free plan if you don’t have that many receipts and you don’t mind scanning them yourself. This way you can still take advantage of having your documents stored online.

      • Some time back I signed up just to try the free plan. Unfortunately, they will use the contact info of scanned cards to send a solicitation.
        I now use Evernote and just scan the cards 10 at a time.

  2. No Debt MBA says:

    I agree with optionsdude. It’s a little pricey for my needs, but would probably be very useful if you ran a small business with a lot of transactions and needed to keep receipts organized for taxes each year and hold on to them for several years in case of an audit.

    • Exactly. Look, if your documents consist of say, three receipts a month then you can easily find a cheaper alternative (like scanning and uploading to Evernote, say). But with a small, like you say, this can be a great service.

  3. Dinheiro Como Ganhar says:

    Excellent article, I loved the information.

  4. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager says:

    I’m with @optionsdude. I would just rather spend the $10/month on some cute organizational office supplies and do it myself.

    • A big part of Shoeboxed is the fact that your scanned receipts are online. Should something happen to your office or computer you still need to have access to your documents. The best filing system is only as good as it’s accessibility. Just sayin’.

  5. This actually sounds like a great service. I can see a huge demand for this. I just mentioned it to my wife and she wants in! I honestly wish I had thought of this, or maybe shoeboxed could use some competition?

  6. Edwin Lichtig says:

    I think Shoeboxed is a good service. Shoeboxed has a free plan if you don’t have that many receipts and you don’t mind scanning them yourself. This way you can still take advantage of having your documents stored online.

  7. Shoeboxed has good service and considering that it can safeguard your documents. The only con is the price.

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