ZYNC Card From American Express – Review

Zync Card from American ExpressHave you seen the commercials for the ZYNC Card from American Express?

I’ve got to say, I was curious about the card when I heard about how you can tailor the card to fit your lifestyle.  As an American Express card user, and fan, I had to look into the Zync card further.

Here’s what I found out about the ZYNC Card:
The ZYNC card from American Express is a charge card (different from the more widely used credit card).

What this means is you pay off your balance every month or risk steep consequences.  A charge card is a great way to better control your spending, as you know you have to pay your balance off and you don’t have the option to pay off a balance over time.  For a charge card, the Zync card is relatively cheap at $25 for the annual fee.  Other American Express charge cards are closer to $100 and up for the basic annual fee.

It’s also a rewards card that allows you to design what rewards and benefits you want (more on that in a bit).

Here’s a brief rundown of the American Express Zync card:

  • Earn 10,000 Membership Rewards Express bonus points after first purchase (may not be available to existing card members)
  • No monthly interest as you pay your balance in full every month
  • Purchase protections and extended warranties
  • Earn points for your purchases (with opportunities to earn 2X and 3X points)
  • Customize the rewards structure and additional benefits with various Paks
  • Low annual charge card fee of $25.

What makes the Zync card different?

What is unique about the Zync card is the ability for the card holder to customize their card, based on their lifestyle and spending habits, with different Packs.  Now some packs are free to add while others have an annual fee.  Depending on which you pick, you may get more Membership Rewards points as well as additional card benefits.

The pack have seven major categories: Travel, Food & drink, Style, Giving Back, Home Living, Money & Finance, and Fun.

Some packs have additional fees (up to $25/year) but also add additional benefits to your card (exclusive deals, gift cards, bonus subscriptions).  Some will also give more Membership Rewards points for your purchases as well as there being packs with a combination of benefits and rewards bonuses.

As well as the option of adding different packs, the following American Express benefits are included:

  • Rewards points – 1 point for every $1 spent with no cap and no expiration.
  • Track your spending – Use American Express’ online tools to help track your expenses by category and tags.
  • Set up alerts on your account such as when your bill is due (I love this option!).
  • Identity theft assistance, emergency card replacement, and dispute resolution (I had to use Amex’ dispute resolution once when there was a fraud charge on my bill and their reps were great in clearing up the matter!).
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • Car rental loss and Damage insurance as well as Travel Accident Insurance.
  • Purchase protection and Return protection.
  • Extended warranties.
  • Access to special deals and events not available to the general public.

An additional note about charge cards – People have been getting cautious with using credit cards as they know what kind of trouble they can get into with interest charges and such.  As a result, more people are using debit cards to make sure they only spend what they have.  This is great but debit cards don’t help with your credit score.  Another option is to use a charge card, where you are required to pay your balance in full every month.  Since you know you have to pay, you tend to be more careful with your spending (and with American Express’ account tracking you can easily keep track of your spending just in case).  And when you are using a charge card and making your payments, this gets reported to credit agencies and can help improve your credit score.  Is this important for everyone?  No, but if you are looking for a way to limit your spending AND help improve your credit then a charge card can be a great option.

My take on Zync

The Zync card from American Express is an interesting option.  I like that you can choose options based on your spending habits.  But a person needs to weigh the costs of some of the packs and make sure the benefits outweigh the costs.  Even without adding additional lifestyle packs, the Zync card can be a great option for someone looking to use a charge card with a low annual membership fee.  I found when I had an American Express charge card it really did help to make me more conscious of my spending, knowing that I would have to pay the bill in full.  And of course, you also get American Express’ excellent customer service and benefits.

*As you always should, make sure you read through the card details to make sure this card fits your needs and you understand the terms and conditions. Be aware that the terms may change after this article’s publication.

Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by American Express. Opinions expressed here are author’s alone, not those of American Express, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by American Express. This site may be compensated through American Express Affiliate Program.

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Published or updated March 2, 2014.


  1. It’s interesting that you wrote about the Zync card because I just received a letter about it today. I’m actually interested in getting the card because I’m not a huge spender and interested in the travel rewards. Appreciate the info, Craig.

  2. I just was approved for the Zync after speaking with a online rep regarding the Zync American Express card. The fee is only $25 a year and you pay off the card every month for what you charge. And it has different added packs that come with the Zync AE card. I pay my bills on time every month and strive to be a better person in not just charging with everyday spending. I can’t wait to take advantage of this great opportunity like this one because there are not alot of credit cards out there that can add up to the Zync.

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