What Do Your Property Taxes Pay For?

How many times have you looked at your tax bill, threw your arms in the air, and yelled our “where is all this property tax money going, this is way too high?!?”

Maybe I’m the wacky one, but I’ve done that.  (Actually, I would probably have an expletive or two in there.)

The problem with that view though is that property taxes are never a single number, but a combination of several.

Most of us tend to think our property taxes are too high, but then we get a bit hung up on the components.  We may want a lower tax bill, but at the same time we might support high spending levels in certain areas, or even just one in particular.

There are constituencies behind each category of our property taxes, which is why it’s so hard to get lower taxes overall.

So What Do Your Property Taxes Pay For?

What do property taxes pay for?

Public schools

This is the largest single line item in nearly any property tax bill.  (It is for us.)

In fact, it’s usually greater than 50%, and much higher still in areas with large student populations or a strong local commitment to providing a premium education.  Such a commitment often leads to higher local property values since areas with higher rated schools generally command higher house prices.

Public school systems get their funding from a variety of sources—federal government, state government, fund raising efforts—but the largest source is generally from property taxes.  This is also why any tax reduction attempts meet strong resistance from both school employees and parents of school-aged children.

Maintenance of public roads and parks

Most of us drive, and when we do, we like to do it over well maintained roads.  Unless you prefer off-roading it to the local grocery store.

We also may like to walk, jog, picnic and otherwise play in public parks.

Having all of that costs money, and that money comes mostly from our property tax bills.

In some areas, property tax bills may also include certain utility costs if they’re provided by the county or municipality.  This can include water and sewer or garbage collection.  Tax bills may be higher in communities that provide utilities through public systems, but they’re also providing more services.

Government administration costs

In most communities government administration is a relatively small part of the local budget, but it also covers a lot.  It includes not only salaries and benefits for municipal administrative staff, but also the buildings that house them.

Police, public safety, and libraries

property taxes

Ever wonder what all that property tax money went to?

Despite the fact that many of us think that police budgets are paid mostly with traffic citations, most is actually provided through property taxes (OK, let’s say in most jurisdictions and leave it at that!).

Again, this includes not only salary and benefits for police and support personnel, but also the acquisition of buildings and police cars.

Just as with a high local commitment to schools, a strong police presence can often have a positive influence on property values.

Two services that meet little resistance on the tax side are fire protection and public libraries.  They’re not usually large parts of a typical tax bill, but both are considered highly desirable in most communities and largely beyond political haggling.

Can you imagine any politician running on a platform that includes cutting fire protection and public libraries?

Municipal allocations

Both municipalities and counties rely primarily on real estate tax revenues to support their operations so taxes are usually collected and paid to both.

While this may be evident in many cases, it isn’t always.

In many jurisdictions, one government agency may collect the tax under a single bill, then apportion the funds based on a predetermined formula.  You may pay your taxes to your municipality who later forwards the required portion to your county.

There are however arrangements where the municipality and county each send out separate tax bills.

How your tax bills get paid

No matter what the arrangement, if you have a mortgage, chances are that your lender pays your property taxes through your loans escrow account and you never see a tax bill.  Many people never become aware of the allocation until their mortgages are paid off and they become directly responsible for paying the taxes themselves.

Whether you pay your property taxes through your mortgage lender or directly to the local tax authorities, you should receive a copy of the bill at least once each year.

When you do, take a few minutes to study the bill and in particular the list of allocations.  That will be the best starting point to get at least a general idea where your property tax dollars go.  From there you can get more detailed information.

Note: Hold onto at least the last copy of your tax bills.  You never know when you might need it.  For example, we needed a copy of our last school bill in order to register our son for kindergarten (yeah, they want to make sure you are paying your share before you can register).

Sometimes a property tax bill is all it takes to get us more involved in local government.  Paying money has a way of getting us to do that.

What do you think about your property taxes?  Are they too high?  Too low?  About right?  What do you wish they’d spend more on?  What do you wish they’d spend less on?

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Published or updated April 28, 2014.


  1. You really need the property tax bill when you register the kid in school? That’s kind of crazy. What about renters?
    Our property tax bill is high, but I think it goes to a good cause. Public school is good in my area so I can’t complain too much.

    • Renters need a letter from their landlord I believe. I’m not sure if it needs notarization or what else.

      Our school system is pretty good too so we’re getting what we pay for. I think having the tax bill keeps the money going to those who have contributed taxes.

      Some other places you could use your tax bill: joining the pool club and joining the little league. The tax bill isn’t necessary but it is one of the proofs they accept to join/signup.

    • Carol Akiyama says:

      Maybe I’m confused… but, I am under the assumpton that schools are paid through the state lotteries? On the TV commercial it says: 100 percent of monies generated from the lottery goes to schools… Why is it that our Property Taxes are being used for this purpose?? Also, it states in there as well, Property Taxes pay for Roads? Then where does the Gasoline taxes go, if not for the roads, like they say!?! Someone needs to look into this Double Dipping crap! I will…just allow me to look at the books!

      • The state lottery money may be going to schools but it doesn’t mean that schools are funded 100% by the lottery. There’s Federal, State, and local money that goes to schools. By me each town has their own school district and each has their own tax structure. It’s not so much dipping dipping as it is a town/city/village supplementing money they get from the state and country.

        • Russell Sackett says:

          It’s double dipping and double stealing in many cases. Too many hands on too many pots. Add Turnpike fees for roads and bridge tolls along with the county taxes to pay for roads, the added care registration fees for individual counties for local roads, and you’ll realize it’s all to steal money and or pay for too many administrators collecting and allocating the money their paychecks, and their benefits.

        • This may not be relevant to this discussion but we pay $4500 in property taxes. I don’t mind even though I do not have school age children. My concern is the inactivity of police and parking enforcement on my street. Somewhere I read that property taxes covered street cleaning and garbage (although I pay for my garbage). I have a neighbor who owns 6 vehicles and she stores them in front of my house for months before moving them and returning them. Her truck leaks oil which stains the street. I’ve called the so-called governing agencies but nothing has been done. Cars are not cited on street cleaning days so the street cleaners just go around the parked cars and blow the dirt and debris onto my yard. We have a fire hydrogen /red curb which is always blocked by her cars. It seems that revenue could be made if they ticketed these cars on violation. If anyone can help me, please do.

      • Carol Akiyama: The lottery, when it first was put on the ballot was stated “to be CALLED the school lottery”. A deceptive statement. It was really to be used any way they wanted in the future. Taxes were supposed to continue to support the schools, and the lottery money was to be “extra” money for the schools. Of course it was a lie. Money was taken out of school support and placed elsewhere, causing the school system to use the lottery money to help fund their normal expenses. Property taxes are still the primary funding source for schools.

    • My landlord showed me how he breaks it down, the rent he pockets, his mortgage on the property and yes he adds into that the divided yearly taxes by month. What is worse than that is those who don’t have kids in a school any longer or never had children in the first place. Why are they paying for some one else’s children?? Welfare is all it is and out of control. Parents should pay for their own kids it was their choice no one held a gun and forced them.

      • Russell Sackett says:

        Maybe, but if you don’t educate the kids, they might hold a gun to your head because they don’t know how to earn a living. Personally, I’d rather educate them – one might even become a doctor that saves your life.

      • I pay taxes for schools despite not having any kids because… I don’t want to live in a country of dumbasses.

  2. As a public school teacher, I realize I am funding my salary. I would like to give me a raise. I wish our elected officials managed their (our) money better.

    • I hear you. But at least at the local level we have more control on where our tax money goes. We can get involved with school votes to see where spending is made and attend city council meetings to discuss budgets and needs.

      • Glen,

        In my locality the ‘powers that be’ are so ingrained(20+ years) that whatever ‘control’ the average person is supposed to have is nothing unless you give into the ‘machine’ so to speak.

        It’s a very hard fight that few people(myself included) have the stomach to last. We(citizens) are fighting for a few thousand dollars. The powers are fighting for their livelihoods and the livelihoods of friends and family. The commitment level is not even close.


        • That has to be a hard thing. Continue to make your voice heard. Hopefully others in your community will see the light.

        • You nailed it. These “public servants” are by definition unfit for the responsibility BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT YET at the point in their own lives where they have gotten their finances together nor are their lives stable so therefore they don’t know what it takes get there as an individual a family let alone a larger social group. so they’re grasping at straws & taking a stab at economic and social theory nothing proven by their own experience. NO WISDOM.
          I’m not saying a young person cannot have wisdom but generally speaking…
          these positions should be earned and they should be held in high esteem and have nothing to do with financial compensation.

  3. WAY TO FREAKING HIGH! I feel there is a certain amount of waste in all levels of government, and I have this unnerving feeling that if we could just eliminate that waste things would be so much better for everyone.

    Sort of like too many people playing with other people’s money and choosing the selfish box in Game Theory.

    • I agree. Way…too…high. Some taxes you can see how you get what yu pay for, like education, but other things….

      Where do we cut the waste? What gets determined as waste? What politician is willing to be the one to step up and cut the fat?

      Government has become too much of a career and not enough of an obligation you do and get out. Is it just me or are there a lot of elected officials that are related and have family in other positions?

  4. Depressingly, Toronto’s current mayor Rob Ford favours closing libraries in order to reduce taxes. I guess he fears that all that reading might make people too smart to re-elect him…

  5. I am renter. I don’t pay this. Where do you think sales taxes go. They don’t come to city and neighborhood level?

    • Well, if your landlord is smart then you are paying property taxes, just not directly. Your landlord’s property taxes should be priced into your rental amount.

      • Glen is right. I’m a landlord and the mortgage, interest, property tax, insurance, and maintanence costs are all built into the rent.

        • uclalien says:

          @I Am 1 Percent
          In some locations, the market rental rate for a property is sufficient to cover all expenses. In others, this definitely isn’t the case and may take years or decades to reach that point (if ever).

          The fact is that input costs have nothing to do with the price of a product (be it an entire house or a single brick). The market (supply and demand) determines the price of goods, not the inputs.

          However, any landlord with his salt knows that he better cover permanent recurring costs (property tax, insurance, maintenance) at a minimum. Otherwise, it’s just a money pit. But he doesn’t necessarily need to cover his mortgage costs, which should eventually go away.

  6. Brian St. Pierre says:

    In many parts of New England at least, we can still have direct involvement in our property tax rate. The planning and budgeting process is transparent — public hearings are held. In many towns, you still have the opportunity to propose amendments to the budget that can be voted on. Not only that, but it’s often not that hard to get yourself elected to the local board that controls the budget. I know people who have won a seat with a dozen or so write-in votes.

  7. I think our taxes are about right, or could be a little higher. I typically vote yes when a referendum asks for more money to pay for the increased cost of operating the local libraries, or more money to schools. Our property taxes do go to fund all the things you listed.

    • uclalien says:

      Just be careful to realize when the additional tax revenues won’t actually benefit the stated source. In many cases, public officials state that schools will lose funding if Measure X doesn’t pass. But in reality, the schools get no more funding than the would have without the new tax. Instead, the tax collections from Measure X go to schools and funds that would have gone to schools get diverted to less popular project. It happens time and time again.

  8. Property taxes are too high. No one really owns their home any more. Don’t pay the taxes and you will soon discover the true own. THE STATE!!!
    Your property taxes help to pay the bills of state government. Many of the services are very important, even vital. However, nothing gets done efficiently. How much is waste and corruption. Who knows? My guess is about 35 percent. The nature of bureaucracy is to increase itself for its own sake, not the public interest.
    Your property taxes go to support the special interests,( both left and right) that spend lavishly to maintain their privilege. Your property taxes should be a lot lower. It’s the only way to check the greed of the bureaucrats.

  9. Ya way too high. Waaaay to high. I pay less than 200 per month and have police and fire protection and if I had 2 or 3 or more kids They get 12 plus years of school. That cost is about 300 thousand in private school education Alone.
    Get a clue everyone. What we get for the minimal amount of property taxes is not possible in the private sector It’s about 7 times more. That’s not including private police and private fire. Where they charge more but pay their employees less.
    Ask my kids whether they liked private school better or public and they will say public. The low wage private school teachers just went through the motions but sure the kids did great in school their parents for the most part are rich. Those kids will excel in any school.

  10. Why are we doing this says:

    Why not have a choice?
    These people are our public servants, so why are they telling us what to pay for? Why are SERVANTS telling their MASTERS what to do?
    Shouldn’t these servants only take care of roads and post? When did they become a WalMart offering every service under the sun?
    When will we actually come together and take these services back? What can you do to get a little more control back in your life?

  11. PA School Property Tax is too high. PA has a large elderly population (no longer have kids in school) plus they cannot afford to pay the ridiculous property tax on their social security income. They are losing their homes. They need to reduce the property tax drastically and tax cars (like VA does) so that Everyone (not just a home owner) pays into the system. Actually, I think after you retire and you are limited in income, you should be able to apply for a reduction or elimination of paying your property tax without the threat of losing your home! You paid into the system all your life. Worked hard. Did not freeload off the system. So Seniors should be helped now. Not just keep dishing out money to the lazy, people who choose not to work and freeload off the taxpayers. My Grandparents immigrated from Austria and where not given hand outs for food, medical etc. They had to make it on their own. An acquaintance of mine moved out of PA because of the high property tax and is now living in TN and only paying $400 a year instead of the $4,000 she would have had to pay in PA. So, bottom line, eliminate or reduce the property tax for our Seniors and tax Everyone equally (whether they own a home or not) so that our Seniors can live a decent life after working hard and paying into the system for years.

    • Russell Sackett says:

      Social Security should not be a career. People should care more about what they’re leaving behind than their casino and cruise bucket lists which don’t mean anything to anyone other than their selfish selves.

  12. Kay Bechel says:

    Why are city tax rates the same for properties on a private street and those on city dedicated streets ? The private streets don’t get maintenance such as snow removal or replaving. These old neighborhoods do not have HOAs. If we are paying for ambulance and ambulance staff, fire safety etc. How will they get in. The developers are gone. There was never a HOA filed at court house.

  13. James Shinn says:

    when it comes to school busing, the State of New Jersey makes up their own law.They ignore dicision made by Justice Sara Day O Connor and backed up by (4)four other justices on 24 June 1988.The Constitution
    does not reconize school busing at all.Read Kadrmas v Dickinson .
    Senior citizens are not mentioned any where , directing them to pay for
    school busing.

  14. This shit did not help my ass not one bit so fuck you and this site I’m go stick to eating ass of that lady with the big booty who work up the street at West Coast National Bank for loans when I get broke so if any girls on this site want they ass ate I’m over here in Virginia thinking bout going to Chicago so I can eat Daya Carroll ass cuz bitch sexy as fuck

  15. Great Article!!
    I pay taxes where I live and also have a second property( no mortgage) in another county where I pay taxes. Is there a way this can be lowered somehow?

  16. Dick Empey says:

    What we get for taxes we pay. Free public schools,fire protection,police protection,paved streets storm drains,street lights,parks,zoos,animal control,traffic lights,water storage for dry spells,beach access and cleaning,forest fire protection and fighting,wild life protection,navy,army,Air Force,coast guard,free elections,elected people to run cities and counties,consumer fraud protection, disaster assistance,flood protection,airports,
    Harbors,cemeteries,post office,forest service,veterans affairs programs,national guard,employment development department,drivers licenses,medical and Medicaid,pesticide regulations,court houses and courts and public defenders,museums,libraries,license boards for autos, contractors,Barbars,beauticians, senior centers,mental health hospitals,drug enforcement,peace core,etc. I am happy to pay for all these things and much more!!!

  17. Lisa Harlow says:

    Property taxes in Dallas are way way too high! I pay$40orwmpwr month in 2017 than I did in 2013! It is complete robberyofmtje tax payers! I pay $12,454 a year & there is no end to the madnes!

  18. Lisa Harlow says:

    What I meant to say is:

    Property taxes in Dallas are way way too high! I pay$400 more per month in 2017 than I did in 2013! It is complete robbery of tax payers money! I pay $12,454 a year in property taxes ($1,000 a month)!& there is no end to the madnes!

  19. Are there any restrictions on what county or city officials can do with the property taxes collected? If so where can, I go about searching where the money is being spent to see if this is an inappropriate use of property tax revenue.

  20. HI Chuck,
    The extra charges of a government on the purchasing of property in the form of general country tax can be eliminate easily with in a seven days according to the rules and regulations of a government,If you write an application with the authentic reasons for a elimination of property tax and also attached a legal documents of a property tax pairs after that submitted in the government office by the tax layers which is helpful for you to approved the claim of your property tax in the seven days without any allegations of a government on the application of your property tax ,Remember don’t write any irreverent reasons in the applications of property tax you want to submit in the office of government and also don’t attached any illegal or extra document of property which increase the chances to refuse or neglect your claim application ,So keep it in your mind all the instructions and requirements given to you by the tax layer after concerning this kind of matter according to the current policy of government .

  21. Tina Morphis says:


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