Credit Scores, Reporting, and Use

Your credit scores may be some of the most important financial numbers you have. Really. They can control the rates you get on loans; even determine if you get a loan, and so much more. You need to protect your credit scores and watch your credit reports like a hawk. These articles help you learn more about your credit scores and histories.

Are Banks Ratcheting Up Their Profiling Efforts?

You know that your consumer profile is used by financial services providers to make a number of decisions about you. Before I could get satellite TV service, I had to submit to a credit check.  Employers increasingly want a peek at your credit report, and insurers often use your credit as one of the criteria in determining your premiums.  But your credit history isn’t the only thing that others are interested in.  Consumer behavior — and how to protect against risks — is becoming a major concern of many financial services companies. Which is why banks are increasing their efforts to learn more about you.Continue Reading

Should a Prospective Employer Be Able to Check Your Credit Score?

One of the issues that has received a lot of attention lately is that of employers checking the credit of job applicants.

Supposedly, an employer can only look at your credit report — and only a version that is meant for employers to see.

Employers are supposed to get your permission before checking your credit report, and they are expected to stay away from your credit score.  (There are some anecdotes involving employers who check credit scores, but credit bureaus claim they don’t knowingly give scores out to employers.)  Many people are upset that employers are asking to see your credit report, while others contend that it is a necessity for some jobs.

What happens if employers start checking credit scores?Continue Reading

Credit Sesame Review – Free Credit Score and Monitor Loans and Debts

There are no shortages of businesses that want to help you manage your debt.

Debt is something we all want to have less of and there are certainly a lot of companies out there that make a variety of claims when it comes to helping you out. 

Credit Sesame is another company that makes numerous claims but this company truly is the real deal.

In addition, Credit Sesame doesn’t just focus on band aid solutions; they take a holistic look at your financial situation and make suggestions that are long-term, not quick fixes.  See more below in this Credit Sesame review.Continue Reading

Should You Cancel That Credit Card?

Ever since the financial crisis in 2008, and the resultant recession, there has been a renewed interest in canceling credit cards and getting out of debt. Additionally, the upswing in fees from many credit card issuers has prompted some to want to cancel credit cards in order to avoid those fees.  Many card issuers are instituting annual fees, leading even the most responsible and conscientious card users to feel the costs of credit card spending.

However, just because it’s tempting to cancel your credit card, doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. Before you cancel your card, consider the effect that a cancellation could have on your credit score.Continue Reading

Credit Karma Review – Get Your Credit Score and More

If you take advantage of you can pull your credit report once a year from each of the three credit bureaus for free.

Your credit report is important to see what accounts you have open, to check the status of your accounts, and to make sure there are no mistakes on your reports.

But your credit report is different from your credit score.

For the most part, you have to pay to get the score that lenders use to determine your creditworthiness.  If you intend to pull your score frequently, perhaps because you are in the market for a house and would like the highest possible credit score to get the best interest rate on your home loan, then give Credit Karma a look, where you can get a credit score and track your score over time with no fees or obligations.

Let’s take a look at what it’s all about in this Credit Karma review.

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How To Prosper With Peer to Peer Lending – A review of is a personal loan and investing site with over one million members and over two hundred fifteen million dollars in personal loans funded since 2006. Using a unique person to person lending model, connects borrowers and lenders and allows them to establish a mutually beneficial financial relationship.   Prosper offers borrowers rates as low as 5.9% and lender returns as high as 10.1% (this varies, of course based on your borrowing and lending situation).

What is Person to Person or Peer Lending?

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Freeze Your Credit To Protect Your Identity

Two years ago, my online identity was compromised; I have an eBay account, and someone hacked into it and bought $1,000 worth of electronics.  Luckily I caught the theft the very next day, and eBay was wonderful and took care of the charges.  However, that spooked me and my husband, so we decided to take the radical step of freezing our credit to protect our identity, in part because we plan to buy a home in the next few years and do not want anything to compromise our credit score.

Benefits of Freezing Your Credit

When you use a security freeze, you essentially lock down your credit.  If your information is stolen and thieves try to open up an account, they will be thwarted.  Ultimately, this is the best way to protect your identity.  Credit monitoring may help you recognize theft has occurred, but a freeze keeps the theft from ever occurring.
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