50+ Personal Finance, Investing, And Money Tweeps Worth Following

These days, it’s all about Twitter and the tweeple there. While many (including my husband) see very little point to Twitter, there are, nonetheless, many twitterers that offer useful and interesting information — even if it is only a link to a well-written blog post. Twitter is full of people tweeting about finance-related subjects. It is impossible for me to include a totally comprehensive list of useful money tweeple, so I’m offering 50 of my tweeps for your consideration — and I’m barely scratching the surface.

Before I share my list of 50 tweeps — in no particular order — I’d like to share my Twitter account, and Bankling’s: @MMarquit, @bankling. If you aren’t on this list, add yourself. And share your favorite tweeps as well. We’d love to follow the people you’re following.

Investing Tweeps

If you want investing news and insight, following the right tweeple can provide you with updates, from the latest Dow reading, to real time forex quotes, to the latest happening in the world of gold. Here are a few of the investing tweeps that I follow:

  1. @TLI_Twitter provides regular investing news and updates. Tweets feature useful links to investing-related articles. Blog: Lucrative Investing.
  2. @TopProsTopPicks is more of a stock-picking kind of tweep. Articles on up-and-coming stocks, as well as news and analysis. This is the Twitter account associated with MoneyShow.com.
  3. @jeflin_sg provides in-depth investing commentary and opinion. Blogs at www.jeflin.net.
  4. @FalkinInvesting offers a good mix of investor education, commentary and news. His blog can be read at Stock Trading To Go.
  5. @penny_stocks, as you might imagine, provides tips on hot penny stocks. For those who are interested in the pink sheets and other low-cost investments. Watch out, though, these are risky investments that aren’t for everyone. Web site at www.thehotpennystocks.com.
  6. @tipd I’m rather fond of the folks at Tip’d (and not just because they put me on their “terrific” list). It’s like Digg for finance and investing people. A number of interesting and varied articles on a number of subjects.
  7. @valuestocks offers some interesting observations. I also like the way account holder Andrei looks to stimulate discussion about different investments.
  8. @forex_queen As you might imagine, forex_queen focuses on the currency market. A look at the latest forex trading news and information. Forex is risky, though; there’s a good chance you could lose a lot of money. She is associated with the Forex Profit Accelerator.
  9. @ETFtrends focuses mainly on the increasingly popular world of ETFs. This is the account associated wtih ETF Trends.

Personal Finance Tweeps

I’m a personal finance blog writer, mainly, so this was a very hard category for me to narrow down. Which is why it’s the biggest. However, there are dozens more high quality tweeps that I didn’t have room for.

  1. @jdroth represents the Twitter account of the wildly popular author of the Get Rich Slowly blog. He is known for his personal finance insight and practical, everyday solutions.
  2. @bargainr blogs at Bargaineering and offers a great deal of good financial information — including CD rates and schedules.
  3. @FMFblog provides personal finance tips and good information. Blog: Free Money Finance.
  4. @fcn is the guy behind Five Cent Nickel. He’s all about a slightly edgy look at personal finance. You can get his article feed at @fcnfeed.
  5. @SunFinancial is an electrical engineer who keeps The Sun’s Financial Financial Diary. Features a number useful links in most of his tweets.
  6. @thepassivedad concentrates mostly on ways to generate passive income. He’s a work from home dad blogging about his efforts at The Passive Dad.
  7. @pimpyourfinance offers helpful tips on a number of subjects — and keeps up with the latest financial shenanigans. Blog: www.pimpyourfinances.com.
  8. @holycap offers slightly irreverent, yet helpful information on good financial habits — as well as his Stop Buying Crap blog. You can stop buying crap! Cap can help.
  9. @CashMoneyLife has good, practical advice about money and preparing for the future. His blog, as you might guess, is Cash Money Life.
  10. @freefrombroke does a great job of retweeting what other personal finance and money bloggers are saying. It’s like another list of great tweeple to follow. Blog: Free From Broke.
  11. @Green_Panda focuses mainly on students. Great advice for college students (and the rest of us) on how to manage finances when first starting out. Blog: Green Panda Treehouse.
  12. @moneymanagement is the account for the Blogging for Change Web site. It’s a nonprofit aimed at helping others learn to manage money.
  13. @WideOpenWallet chronicles the real life adventures of a family trying to keep their personal finances in order. Some good thoughts and interesting tidbits. Blog: Wide Open Wallet.
  14. @flexo is the account for the Consumerism Commentary blog. Focus is on the consumer habits view of personal finances.
  15. @bigcajunman provides a look at finances from a Canadian perspective. Sometimes it’s good to see what’s going on in countries other than the U.S. Author of the Canadian Personal Finances Blog.
  16. @ThatOneCaveman provides real life anecdotes and helpful hints on reaching financial freedom. Blog: One Caveman’s Financial Journey.
  17. @mytwodollars is where I go when I want to know the latest outrage. While offering solid personal finance ideas and advice, My Two Dollars also keeps us up to date on all the outrageous money decisions being made by our leaders.

Credit/Debt Tweeps

Credit and debt issues are getting a lot of play right now, and there are plenty of tweeps who have helpful hints, tips and tricks for dealing with debt — and for improving your credit score.

  1. @NCN writes tweets that focus on debt reduction and staying out of debt. Blog: No Credit Needed.
  2. @debtkid is honest about his massive amounts of debt. Tweets — and his Debt Kid blog — keep followers updated on the progress being made, and provide encouragement for those trying to pay down their own debt.
  3. @paidtwice shares thoughts on getting out of credit card debt, and offers tips for dealing with credit card companies. Blog: www.paidtwice.com.
  4. @nodebtplan provides meaningful help on creating a plan to get out of debt and achieve financial freedom. Blogs at No Debt Plan.
  5. @masteryourcard is the Twitter account for the Master Your Card blog. All about responsible use of your credit card — and using it as a personal finance tool.
  6. @takingcharge shares the thoughts of the editor of CreditCards.com. It’s all about credit card issuer news, and tips for using credit wisely.
  7. @EADFL tweets about making a plan to get out of debt, and then stay there. Includes money making and money saving ideas. Blog: Engineer a debt free life.
  8. @debtblackhole is for the geek in me. A “financial mind meld” of sci-fi and escaping debt. Which is like a black hole. Blog: www.debtblackhole.com.

Christian Finance Tweeps

In the last couple of years, Christian Finance has emerged as its own financial category. It’s all about making sure your financial practices are right with God.

  1. @MoneyMatters puts finances into Biblical terms — and even relates what’s going on in the economy with scripture. Blog: Bible Money Matters.
  2. @ChristianPF is just what it sounds like. Twitter account for Christian Personal Finance.
  3. @glblguy looks at scripture for guidance. Shares tweets that sends followers to a range of sites and tweeple offering good information. Blog is Gather Little By Little. You know, like that scripture…
  4. @RichChristian is a “stewardship pastor” blogging at Rich Christian, Poor Christian. Shares a lot of links about money and the Christian way to get rich.
  5. @jameslparis is the editor in chief at ChristianMoney.com.
  6. @bfnJohn blogs at Borrow From None, another scriptural reference.

Money Saving/Frugal Living Tweeps

In this recession, you need all the money saving tips you can get. The economic turmoil has led to a renaissance in frugal living, and there are plenty of tweeple that can help you learn to live a good life on less.

  1. @CouponTweet Two words: Coupons! Deals!
  2. @CouponCravings More coupons! Retweets/replies to a lot of other thrifty types, providing even more useful people to follow. Blog: Coupon Cravings.
  3. @Lynnae blogs at Being Frugal. She is all about living a frugal lifestyle. And she’s one of Walmart’s Eleven Moms.
  4. @5DollarDinners offers rather helpful tips and recipes for keeping your food bill down. Blog: 5 Dollar Dinners.
  5. @mbhunter ofers insights and information on great bargains from around the Web. Blog: Mighty Bargain Hunter.
  6. @crystalpaine offers tips on cutting the weekly shopping bill and using coupons more effectively. Her blog is www.moneysavingmom.com.
  7. @frugalbabe is all about being frugal while living a mostly sustainable lifestyle. Intersperses frugality with helpful information on going organic. Blog at www.frugalbabe.com.

Tax Tweeps

Because it’s tax season, I offer you some tweeps that can keep you up to date on things like tax credits and deductions. With all the new stuff coming out, it’s nice to have someone who can help you keep up with these things.

  1. @taxfoundation monitors and shares fiscal policy as it relates to taxes. The Twitter account for the Tax Foundation.
  2. @taxgirl is sassy and smart, offering the tax insight of an actual lawyer. Blog: www.taxgirl.com.
  3. @taxtweet authors the Don’t Mess With Taxes blog and offers updates on the economy and tax policy.
  4. @jkharris is the CEO (and founder) of a tax representation company, JK Harris and Company. Has his finger on the pulse of tax trends.
  5. @taxbrain offers links to helpful tax information, education, calculators and more. Web site: www.taxbrain.com.
  6. @althetaxman is a financial and tax planner. Offers helpful tax prep tips and links to informative seminars.
  7. @ifileonline specializes in online filing information and tax software tips and recommendations.

There you have it! Follow my tweeps and learn more about the financial world around you!

Note from FFB: Check out the Free From Broke Guide to Twitter!

Who Do You Follow?

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Published or updated December 11, 2014.


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    in terms of investing tweeps to follow, I think you’ve overlooked arguably the best resource for those types of people. There is an entire stock based community on twitter called Stocktwits… they’ve got 30,000+ people contributing talking stocks and markets. So, I’d definitely add them to the list or at the very least check them out. @StockTwits

    Also, I’m biased haha but I’d like to toss my name out there for those not familiar. I tweet and blog (under the same name) about hedge fund portfolios and stock market commentary. @marketfolly

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