Amazon Mom Review- Free Amazon Prime As Well As Discounts And Exclusive Offers

Are you a parent (or caregiver) who shops on Amazon?  Then you want to check out Amazon Mom!

Here’s what Amazon Mom offers:

– Free Amazon Prime for three months.

This means you get two-day shipping on products you buy and you can upgrade to one-day shipping for $3.99.

How cool is that?

Imagine you need to buy something.

Would you rather head out with the kids and head out to the chain store or would you rather not deal with the hassle and have the item delivered in a couple of days?  If you have ever had to pack a mini-van with a couple of kids then I think you know which answer I prefer!

You also have the option to earn additional months (up to a year from signing up).  For every month you spend $25 in the Amazon Baby Store you get an additional month of Amazon Prime added on.  Is $25 a lot to spend?  For us that’s less than a big box of diapers, and that’s without the wipes.
Join Amazon Prime
– 30% of Subscribe and Save items.

With Subscribe and Save you get 15% off.  With Amazon Mom you get an additional 15% (select diapers and wipes).  With the subscription service you can pick how many items you want delivered each time as well as when you want it delivered (1, 2, 3, or 6 months).

Does Subscribe and Save save you money?  Let’s look at an example.

We buy Pampers Baby Dry diapers.  The largest box is $39.49 right now on Amazon.  Now, off the bat, this price is already about the same as what BJ’s Wholesale sells them for.  Right there it may be worth it just to not have to schlep out to BJ’s.  Take 30% off, which is about $11.85, and the diapers are only $27.64.  That’s a good deal!  [To be fair I also checked out  There the diapers cost $43.99 (without any special deals).]

Note:  You need to watch your setting and usage habits to make sure you aren’t ordering too much or sized you don’t need.  The settings are easy to change though.

– Email discounts and exclusive offers.

Amazon takes some basic information from you to tailor offers to you based on your child’s age and such.  Are the offers good? I can’t say just yet, but based on a few emails I received for being an Amazon Student member, I think the offers will be pretty decent.

– Free to join.

There’s no cost and the offer is open to all caregivers – Moms, Dads, aunts/uncles, grandparents, anyone who could be taking care of a child.  The program is targeted to younger children (toddlers and younger) but there’s no restriction on age.

Should you sign up for Amazon Mom?

I think it’s worth it to join if only to get Amazon Prime for three months (I love Amazon Prime).  Add in the discounts you can get and convenience of not having to leave the house and this is basically a no-brainer for me.

Honestly, I wish I checked out the priced on diapers and such earlier.  I didn’t realize the prices were so comparable to BJ’s, and they are much better with Subscribe and Save.

Check out and sign up for Amazon Mom.

Have you used Amazon Mom (or Amazon Prime or Subscribe & Save)?  What do you think of it?

As always, make sure you understand the terms before you sign up for any program!

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Published or updated October 10, 2012.


  1. We actually bought some diapers through the 30% deal on the Subscribe and Save and so far it’s been great. I wonder if that extra 15% (the first 15% is ‘standard’ but the extra 15% is a promo) will carry after the promo period or if the ongoing price will increase a bit. Either way it seems to be a good deal and I’ve been very satisfied so far.

    • My understanding is the extra 15% should stay. Couldn’t say about the price though. With 30% off it will be tough to beat even if they raise the price some.

      Glad to hear you’re satisfied with it!

  2. I had read about Amazon Mom on Money Beagle’s blog, too, and my interest is definitely piqued. I hope they still have this deal ongoing when our little one arrives in early March.

    • Hey, look into the fine print and see if you can’t sign up for this now or a little later on? I would think they still have this in March since you can earn Amazon Prime for a year.

      And congrats on the impending little one!

  3. Well, I do not need it for the baby stuff. But free shipping during the holiday season…Priceless!

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