When You Save Are You Really Saving?

You always hear from people how they saved money on this or that. That’s great and all but sometimes I wonder – Did you really save?  I mean, what did you save?  Did you put money into your savings?  Did your wealth grow?
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Buy Low. Better Yet, Buy Lower.

Why do people get excited when their favorite retailer holds a sale, but not when Wall Street does?

Let’s start with the obligatory disclaimer – this is not an encouragement nor a discouragement to buy or sell particular securities, stocks carry risk, consult a financial advisor but you don’t have to, etc.  That was for that infinitesimally small segment of the population that is a) literate enough to read this post, yet b) dumb enough to do whatever a disembodied online voice suggests.  There, now you can read the post absolved of any obligation to think.
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Comparing TV Services With BillShrink

Sadly, BillShrink shut down their services on July 31,2013.


Do you wonder if your TV provider (Cable, Satellite, Fiber-Optic) is giving you the best deal possible?

BillShrink has just introduced a service that will compare TV packages in your area based on your preferences and tell you the best television service deal that’s out there.
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What’s My Credit Score Made Of?

For years credit scores were the best kept secret from consumers by credit bureaus that calculated them.

Only lenders and other credit providers knew what went into a score and how much it weighed on the score’s compositions.

But thanks to pressure from consumer groups and other government agencies, over time not only the credit score number itself has been made available to consumers, but also how the score is determined.

Knowing what affects their scores and by how much, consumers will have a better means in managing their finances.
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Organic Food Is Not Expensive

In a previous article I talked about small steps to eat healthier.

Well, a study is out showing a possible link between certain pesticides and ADHD.  The survey studied over 1,100 children between the ages of 8 and 15.  Interviews with the parents determined which children had ADHD.

The findings then found that for those kids with the most frequent pesticide found in their urine samples, 20% had ADHD as opposed to 10% in kids with no trace amounts.

So I ask you this: Is eating organic food really expensive?

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It’s A Drop In The Bucket

I’ve been studying the martial art, Aikido, for a little over a decade now.

Occasionally, after class, my Sensei will tell us “What you learned tonight is just a tiny drop in the bucket.  In the grand scheme of this art tonight wasn’t much.  But one day you’ll look at your bucket and see it’s filled up.  What you are learning will start to accumulate and you’ll need a new, bigger bucket.”

When I started taking classes I felt like I would never “get” this art.  But with persistence and patience it all started to take hold.  I’m no longer the green student I was on that first day over a decade ago.

Now I’m a black belt.

My first bucket filled up but I have a new, bigger one to fill up now.

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