Capital One 360 Financial Independence Days Sale 2013

Happy Birthday U.S. of A.!

In order to help celebrate the nation’s independence Capital One 360 put together some deals to start you on your way to financial independence.

Long-time readers of Free From Broke know that I’ve been a fan of these accounts for a long time.  You may remember that Capital One bought ING Direct USA.  I opened my first ING account over ten years ago.  I have savings, checking, and investing (via ShareBuilder) with them.

I originally opened up an online savings account so I’d have a place that was out-of-sight-out-of-mind to start building up some savings.  I wasn’t having the best of luck when my savings was tied to my brick-and-mortar bank.  It was too easy to pull money out so I never really got far saving.  By having the money in an online account it put up enough of a psychological barrier that I would leave the money alone to add up and grow.  Ten+ years later and my wife and I have built up a nice safety net for ourselves in that account.

Back to the deals…

Capital One 360 Financial Independence Days Sale – 2013

Capital One 360 is offering these up from July 1st 12am through July 3rd 11:59pm.  If you have been on the fence about opening one of these accounts then now is a great time to commit since you can take advantage of their bonus offers.

Capital One 360 Financial Independence 2013

360 Savings Account

Open up a 360 savings account and earn a $76 bonus (get it? $76, like 1776?).  You need to start the account with at least $500 and it has to be your first 360 savings account.  You start to earn interest on your bonus, and your deposit, from day one but you need to keep it there for at least 30 days.

Understand the minimum deposit here is only for this bonus promotion.  The account itself has no minimums, no fees, and you’ll earn interest on your savings (their interest is a lot higher then most “traditional” savings accounts).  On top of all of that you can set up and track savings goals for your money as well as set up automatic savings plans so you have money set to fo to your savings without having to think about it (we’ve used the automatic savings feature for years now).

Open your 360 Savings account here.

360 Checking Account

Open up a 360 Checking account and earn a $100 bonus.  You need fund this with $500 or more.  This must be your first 360 Checking account and you have to make a total of five (5) purchases with your debit card (signature or PIN-based), five (5) CheckMate deposits or any combination of the two within 45 days to earn the bonus.  Your bonus will hit your account on day 50.

We have a 360 Checking account.  Like savings, their checking has no fees or minimums (the minimum here is just for the promotion, you can open an account with less and just not get the bonus).  In fact we opened our checking with a promotion similar to this one.  We love that their ATMs are part of the Allpoint® network and withdrawals are fee-free there.  They have over 38,000 locations.  Oh, and you can also use one of over 2,000 Capital One ATMs.  And you earn interest on your checking account as well.  Lots of other checking accounts not only don’t have interest but they are full of fees.  Bleghh.  You can also make deposits with their CheckMate system which allows smartphone deposits and deposits from your home computer.

Open your 360 Checking account here.

ShareBuilder Investing

Open up a ShareBuilder account through July 3rd and you can earn a $176 bonus if you deposit at least $5,000 by July 19th.  (Your bonus will show up 6-8 weeks after your $5,000 deposit).

When I first started investing, outside of a 401(k) at work, I opened up a ShareBuilder account.  It’s still where I invest outside of retirement accounts.  One factor that helped me pick ShareBuilder was that they allow you to make partial buys of shares when you use their automatic investing option (for example you could buy half a share of a $500 stock if you don’t have enough to buy the entire share just yet).  The automatic investing option is only $4 per trade.  Real-time online trades are competitively priced at $6.95.  They have a higher tier Advantage Program for those who trade more often.

I also love that I can fund the account instantly from my 360 Savings account and I can see my portfolio value from my 360 accounts.

Open your ShareBuilder account here.  Make sure to use Promo Code: SBFIDS2013

ShareBuilder IRA

Roll over an IRA into ShareBuilder and earn a $576 bonus when you make a combined deposit/transfer/rollover by September 3rd.  There are 3 tiers for the bonus: $576 for a $100,000 deposit, $376 for $50,000, and $276 for $25,000.  So if you have a smaller 401(k) to rollover you can still earn a bonus.

Do you have a 401(k) sitting out there from an older job?  There are some good arguments to rollover the old account into an IRA you control over.

To get started on your bonus open up a new ShareBuilder Individual Retirement Account (IRA) using promotion code IRAFIDS2013 and don’t forget to fund your account by 09/03/13.  (Consult a tax professional if you are concerned about tax implications or funding limits).

Double Your Deposits

There’s a chance to double your deposits through July 18th.  When you make a deposit with CheckMate you’ll be entered for a chance to double that amount, up to $3,000.  If you’re on Twitter follow @capitalone360 and tweet them what you would love to double using the hashtag #DoubleYourDough for a chance to win $2,000.

Refer Your Friends

Want to help your friends on the path to financial independence?  Refer two friends to either a 360 Savings or 360 Checking account between July 1st and July 3rd and you can get a $76 bonus (and they get the account opening bonus too so you both benefit!).  The first two friends who open accounts before July 15th will qualify you for the bonus.  (The Kids Savings Account and MONEY account also qualify).

Your friends need to open their accounts through the email link that is sent through your Capital One 360 account.


I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I’ve had these online accounts for years (my savings is over ten years old) and I’ve loved them!  Any time I’ve called the customer service was great and the site is easy to use.  If you are looking to open an online savings or checking account then this is a great chance to do it and take advantage of their bonuses.

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Published or updated July 1, 2013.


  1. I actually have great things to say about Capital One, I have 2 credit cards with them and they’ve been really helpful

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