Planning on Buying a House? Put in the Legwork First!

buying a house

So you want to buy a house?  That’s awesome!  Congratulations.  But are you ready to buy a house? Have you done your research and legwork to find out the best house in the best neighborhood for you?  I’m talking about all the other little things that influence your buying decision and the neighborhood you pick.  Read on to see what I’m talking about.

Here are steps you need to take to put in the legwork of buying a house (in no particular order):

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I Bought A NOOKcolor from Barnes and Noble – Review

NOOKcolor eReader from Barnes & Noble

So a couple of weeks ago I splurged and bought an eReader – The Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor. I never thought I’d be one for electronic books but so far I’m loving it!

How Did I Come About Buying an eReader?

I always thought the idea of eReaders were kinda neat but I liked the romanticism of turning the actual pages.  As I said, I never thought I’d get into an eReader.

I had seen the Amazon Kindle, both on the Amazon site and in Staples a few times.  It looked really cool but I couldn’t justify the cost.

What changed? I started the school semester, late January, with an economics class.  The professor required us to buy this online package so we could submit our homework online (this was required) and it also included the online edition of the book.  There was no option for just the homework submission.  Not wanting to buy a physical copy (there weren’t any used copies of the book out there to get) and not wanting to read it all on my laptop (I sit in from of it all day already) I started to look into eReaders.  Note: I could have also printed out the book but I didn’t want to blow up my printer.  Bringing a file to a printing store was also an option too (but I kinda got myself psyched up for an eReader).
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Groupon Barnes and Noble National Deal

Groupon has another of their great national retail deals going.  This one is for Barnes & Noble.

$10 for $20 Worth of Books, Games, Toys, and More at Barnes & Noble!

This deal is good for purchases in-store as well as online.  What is really nice is this deal is also valid on sale items as well as their popular e-reader the Nook! (Though not valid at B&N College locations).

You know what is coming up soon, right? I’ll tell you – Valentine’s Day! I’ve always found that Barnes & Noble had a great selection of cards and small gifts for Valentine’s Day (including the yummy Godiva Chocolates).  Here’s a way to make V-Day a little less expensive.
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Companies That GET Customer Service

Great customer service goes a long way!

In today’s economy you would think that companies would be doing everything they can to not only get new customers, but keep the ones they already have. Unfortunately that’s not the case.  Some companies are clueless or simply don’t care.

But there are other companies out there that do totally GET customer service and understand how important the customer is.  They know that great customer service builds loyalty and keeps a customer.

Here are five companies that totally GET customer service:
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Does it Make Sense to Rent Appliances or Furniture?


You’ve heard of companies out there like Rent-A-Center haven’t you? They allow consumers to rent appliances, furniture, and electronics.  Generally, I think a person should be able to afford an item and buy it outright if they want something.  But I think there are a few instances where renting can make sense.

Here are a few cases where it could be beneficial to rent furniture, appliances, or electronics:
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Getting Free Premium Cable Channels – How Paying Attention Netted Us HBO, Cinemax, And More

Back when we moved into our new home we had to sign up for a new TV/Internet/Phone provider as our previous company wasn’t in our new neighborhood. As far as cable goes, we like to have the basic channels but we’ve been fine without the premium movie channels.  If we wanted to catch up on a series or a movie we had Netflix.

We were able to get a good deal on a combo that would actually be a few dollars cheaper than what we were paying for from our old provider and this new deal actually included some premium channels like Showtime.  Cool, I’ll take a movie channel.  When talking with the representative I asked if the package would include channels like IFC (Independent Film Channel) and Sundance  (you ever see Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…?  Awesome music interview show!).  I was just making sure since I liked those channels and they weren’t considered premium on our previous provider.  I was told they were included so I was happy.  Fast forward to our installation day and our technician told me that IFC wasn’t included in the package I ordered.  Grrr.
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Working Hard For What You Want – New Jetta Ad

Have you seen the latest commercial for the new Volkswagon Jetta? In the ad (called Moonighting), the main character, Tom, is working as a nurse (? I think) and he sees some ads for the new Jetta.  He then goes through the classified’s and proceeds to take on a number of jobs in order to afford the new car.

Here is what we see Tom doing to earn money:

  • Nurse – what appears to be his regular job.
  • Golf ball collector at a driving range – you know the guy that drives the little car that gets hit with golf balls.
  • Self-defense dummy – you see a group of women beating up on him while he wears padding.
  • Dog walker.
  • Dresses up as a hot dog and hands out ads for a food joint.
  • Bicycle cab driver.
  • Rodeo clown.
  • Nude model.

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