Gold Price Shakeup and Links

The price of gold took a big hit a few weeks ago.

In the last 30 days the price has dropped from a high of $1,606 to a low of $1,360.  The drop was significant and only over a few day period.  The price has since rebounded a bit to $1,453 but that is still a drop of $153 or 9.5%.

Those that are pro-gold used it as an opportunity to buy even more while detractors pointed out the instability in the price of the commodity.  If you were able to snag more gold at $1,360 you have since earned a return of 6.8%.

No matter how you feel about gold you need free cash available to be able to purchase some. That means taking care of your finances, which these articles will help you do:

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Published or updated November 23, 2014.


  1. With Gold being in the news much of the past couple of weeks, I remembered the words of one of my college Economics professors. He postulated that those who horde Gold are much like those stuck in Freud’s Anal stage, defined as the stage of psychosexual development that generally lasts from age 18 mo to 3 years. This was circa 1978. Amazing what you retain (or don’t) from college LOL. I also recall him showing up for class in sandals and a tie-died T-Shirt on several occasions.

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