Happy Mother’s Day 2013 and Links

Today we tip our hats to Moms everywhere.

As Jim Gaffigan says in one of his hilarious standup routines: “Women are amazing. A woman can grow a baby inside their body. Then somehow a woman can deliver the baby through their body. And then by some miracle a woman can feed a baby with their body.”

Your mother did that for you.  And then she kissed your boo boos, got you to school on time, and supported you in every wacky endeavor you took on.

Even better if Mom showed you how to budget for a family, get the best value at the grocery store, and the value of time spent with family.

So thanks, Mom, and all Moms who are involved with their children’s lives.

Here are some great reads this week:

Wise Bread | Getting Your Money Back Without Losing Your Friendship
Personal Dividends | What To Do If You Lose Your Driver’s License
Free Money Finance | What Would You Be Willing To Do To Retire Early?
Prairie Eco-Thrifter | Which is More Dangerous: Cash or Credit Cards?
Narrow Bridge Finance | Four Reasons to Shred Those Credit Card Convenience Checks
Invest It Wisely | Why Freelancing on the Side Will Set You Free
My Journey to Millions | If You Have Been Thinking About Getting Life Insurance, Now is the Time
Moolanomy | 6 Investment Alternatives to the Stock Market
Out of Your Rut | 10 Reasons Why People Cannot Get Out of Debt

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Published or updated August 21, 2016.


  1. Women are quite amazing! Happy Mothers day!

  2. Thanks for mentioning the carnival this week!

  3. Happy Mother’s day for all those moms out there!

    Thanks for the mention

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