How to Make More Money: Stop Watching TV!

If you are like most people, you probably have a desire or a strong need to generate more income but you just don’t know where to start or how you will find the time in with juggling all of your responsibilities. 

The question is always “how to make more money?”

You need to ask yourself,  what are you spending time on?

Have you seriously thought about it?

One of the biggest time killers is that black box that sits in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or den.  Know what I am referring to?  Yep, it’s your super sleek, shiny big flat screen TV!  You are proud of your big black box, you carefully wipe it down with all the rest of your possessions, and it may even be the “ooh and  ahh” focal point of your home when entertaining.  Heck, you probably spent a pretty penny on it, so why not get your money’s worth out of it right?

And you know what – there is nothing wrong with it.

The question you may need to ask yourself is this: how many hours a day do you find yourself zoning out in front of the television?  Is it only a couple of hours, or is it several hours in a day?  Do you use your television as a way to escape the things that aren’t working for you in your life?

If you do, you are not alone.  Most people nowadays use the television as a way to entertain themselves, as a babysitter, and as a way to escape from life’s problems.

According to statistics, the average time a person spends watching television in the United States is twenty eight hours a week.

Wow!  Those hours add up to a part time job!

It is a little alarming to realize just how much time is wasted on TVWould you like to be a lot more productive with your time and make more money in the process?

If the answer is yes, you may be thinking “how can I make more money?”

Stop watching so much television!

Just think if you used those twenty eight hours differently.  The possibilities are endless and you can even add additional income for you and your family!

How to Make More Money

You might be able to figure out how to make more money if you stop watching so much TV!

So what are the different ways that you can use all this new found time to generate more income?

For starters sit down with a pen and paper and figure out just what it is that interests you.  What are you passionate about?  What have you always wanted to try but just haven’t had the time?  Do you enjoy writing or journalism?  What about sewing or knitting?  Do you have a passion for design?  Are you a great cook?  Why not come up with your own signature brand of homemade jam?

You can use your skills and maybe even make a lot of money in the process.  Have you thought of starting a side business?  You could try your hand at consulting, or a blog, even Etsy.  Are you musically inclined?  You could teach music lessons from your home.  Are you an expert in skin care and make-up?  You could teach other women how to properly take care of their skin as well as teaching them how to properly apply their make-up.  What about upgrading your education?  Take some classes or go back to school full time in a career field that interests you.  This will increase your level of knowledge and education and you will become a lot more marketable within your field.

If you are completely stuck about what to do, then  some research on the Internet is a click away then you can discover what is in high demand —what do people want to buy?  Then sit down and think of a way that you can produce what is in demand.  You may just come up with the next great invention and become very successful!

These are just a few ideas on how you can increase your income level simply by just cutting down the number of hours you spend in front of your television.

Who knows – you may just happen to find that pot of gold!

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Published or updated December 6, 2012.


  1. Not to mention the money you’d save by getting rid of cable or satellite and investing it. I haven’t had a TV for years and when I get to see what people are paying for, I’m astounded that the cable companies have suckered so many people into paying so much money each month for dreck.

  2. I am shocked that Americans still watch that much television. That is 4 hours per day and enough for a major part time job. This week I have watched 2 hours and won’t watch any tonight or tomorrow. Maybe Saturday but will watch the BrickYard 400 on Sunday.

    • I was definitely one of those that watched that much TV. It took a while but I realized I could be so much more productive without watching as much.

  3. I have a TV (just one), but no cable. I figure this setup saves me $100/month due to no cable, a bunch more because I don’t see all the commercials that surely would have me eating bad food or buying unnecessary things, and a LOT of time not watching the Real Housewives of whatever.

    • Oh, I can only imagine how many people spend via lifestyle creep because of what they see on TV! For some reason we think the people we see on that box represent some sort of norm we should all be attaining.

  4. No Debt MBA says:

    We have no TV and no cable. If we watch shows or movies it’s through Hulu or mooching off of my family’s Netflix membership online. I refuse to both succumb to the time suck and pay for it. In a typical week we might watch 0-5 hours.

    • Wow, that’s a low number compared to the average. We still have cable but it’s more for “chillax” time at the end of the day or to catch up on the news (maybe some for the kids). We definitely watch our time though.

  5. Hunter @ Financially Consumed says:

    I’m with Pamela. Given the waste of time, the cost of cable is also a huge waste of money. Somewhere, somehow, everyone started to believe that it was a birth-right to have cable. It’s expensive, and is most definitely a luxury.

  6. Even if you are not earning money, there self improvement things such as reading, learning a skill, learning a language or fixing things around the house that can improve your life. There are times to just relax, but not 28 hours a week!

  7. I’m very happy that I don’t have tv at home. Everytime I go to my parents house I get a little tv vacation time but for daily living it’s not healthy for my finances, my mind or my health! I’m not bad mouthing tv though… I love it but sometimes you need to recognize that some things aren’t good for you!

  8. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager says:

    28 hours a week? That is crazy! I use TV as background noise for work (bad habit I got into while in college) but actually watching TV is focused around sporting events and major news events. No where near close to 28 hours, maybe a month but not a week.

    • 28 a week does sound like a lot, doesn’t it? But if you figure for some the TV goes on when they get home from work until they go to sleep.

  9. Whenever anyone asks how I am able to get so much done…I always ask what are you doing from 8pm to 10pm every night? The answer is almost always watching tv

  10. Money Matters Guy says:

    Amen! We all like to watch a little TV now and then, but there are so many better ways to spend your time. Like Evan said, people who can’t seem to find the time to take action and create a side income for themselves probably spend hours staring at the tv when they could be building new streams of revenue. Facebook is another culprit.

    • Haha, I’ve seen people locked onto their cell phones keeping up with Facebook! The internet can be just as much of a time waster as it could be a means to build more income.

  11. Getting rid of the TV is the best thing anyone could do for their lives. I hear of so many people who wish they had a better life and gripe about how miserable they are, but don’t do a thing to change it and instead spend their time on their butt in front of the TV.

    Take my ex, for example. I was so glad he took the TV when I dumped him. Up until that point, I did not realize how much time I wasted in front of the TV. Our routine was for me to come home to him in front of the TV, which he watched while I cooked dinner and then we ate dinner in front of the TV. I swear he watched at least 5 hours of TV a day. I could only handle so much (2-3 hours), but it was a waste of time. Plus, by me not getting cable or a TV, I have saved myself nearly $150 a month that I was paying for him to sit on his butt on the couch and zone out. Now, I spend more time exercising, more time outside and more time with my friends. I only watch TV shows on my computer when I’m sick and I really only try to keep up with three shows.

    Thanks for the great post!

  12. Glen. Great insight. What do you think about documentaries? Do they add into the national average. Because i’m thinking of going on a TV fast and was wondering whether or not to cut out documentaries.

    • It’s really up to you. But I know there are some documentaries that are more sensationalist than they are educational.

      My main point in this article is that you have more time than you probably thought to do more productive things and TV is one of the biggest places to look for that extra time.

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