How to Save Money – 2 Simple Steps Everyone Can Take

Step 1

Spend less than you earn.

Step 2

Save the difference.


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Published or updated May 9, 2013.


  1. Julia Yurila says:

    Your tips are simple and compact 🙂 Nice. For those how want to spent less then they’re earning: You should try bartering. It’s so easy on sites like where you can barter almost everything from goods to services and even real estates.

  2. Best post EVER.

  3. So simple, yet so hard at the same time…

  4. That is way too clever! Why didn’t I think of it? You should be able to make some cash off of that idea 🙂

  5. Thanks, but I’m going to keep living beyond my means and buying lottery tickets and penny stocks. Good luck with your “prudence” and “responsibility.”

  6. Very clever, and very true! But for many people, easier said than done, unfortunately.

  7. Easier said than done my friend 🙁

  8. Chris Gagner @ SmartPF says:

    I think this post was too wordy. I didn’t think I would ever finish reading it. In all seriousness, good post. Straight to the point!

    • Yeah, I know. Sometimes I go off on tangents and I don’t know where to stop. It’s like I keep talking and talking and talking and talking…

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