Michigan Takes Over Detroit and Links

File this under things I’ve never heard of.

The state of Michigan has announced it plans to take over the city of Detroit due to massive cash flow and financial issues for the city.  The city government has 10 days to appeal (which I am assuming they will do), but the state seems pressed to take over operations.  In the event the state takes over they will put an emergency manager in place who has the authority to make drastic changes for the city to include voiding contracts with unions.

While the takeover isn’t official, it underlines the point that we all need to manage our finances.

Despite a comeback in the auto industry after the Great Recession the financial situation within Detroit has not improved.  The city has issued new debt to cover its obligations, and we all know how swiping our credit card to pay for things we can’t afford works out.

Avoid spending more than you earn — like Detroit did — with some of these tips:

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Published or updated August 21, 2016.


  1. Thanks for the mention this week!

  2. Thanks for including my post. Was in the Detroit suburbs a number of years ago for one of my kid’s skating events, route home on the interstate took us on a bridge overlooking downtown Detroit, frightening scene to say the least. I hope they can breath some new life into the city.

    • It’s crazy when you think about it. But at least we know things could change. I remember NYC not being quite the city it is today. Where I went to high school in Brooklyn you didn’t want to be on the trains after dark (sometimes during the day even). Kids would get robbed outside the school. Now the area is thriving. Hopefully Detroit can find it’s way back.

  3. Thanks for linking to the carnival! I appreciate it 🙂

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