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FutureAdvisor Review – Investment Management and Advice With Low Fees (Even Free)

FutureAdvisor is a web-based investment platform that automatically manages your portfolio. The site offers comprehensive investment management and does so with one of the lowest fee structures in the industry. Read on as we review FutureAdvisor and you'll see whether they are a great investing platform for you. FutureAdvisor - Get Professional-Grade Investment Management at a Low … [Read More...]

Personal Finance

Stop spoiling the kids.

I’m Sick Of Hearing It’s For The Kids – Stop Spoiling Them

Ever run across someone that gives their children everything? All the latest clothes, electronic gadgets, extracurricular activities, lavish weddings, education, you name it they have it. And then you find out the parents are struggling to keep their heads above water financially.  (Note: the parents aren’t always in financial jeopardy but I find it’s a […]

7 ways your finances are scarier than zombies.

7 Ways Your Finances are Scarier Than Zombies

Thanks to the Walking Dead zombies are more popular than ever this Halloween. You might even say they’re cool. But do you know what’s scarier than zombies?  Facing yet another Halloween with your financial demons! Here are 7 Ways Your Finances are Scarier Than Zombies…Read on…IF YOU DARE!!!


nvestly Apple Giveaway

A Giveaway From Nvestly You Need to Enter

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? I know I do!  Do an easy step or two and you can find yourself with some great prizes. Giveaways tend to be stuff like books or gift cards.  Sometimes it’s a great prize (like the Chromecast we gave away recently). How about a giveaway that gives you ownership […]

tradeMONSTER Review

tradeMONSTER Review – Low Commissions With Professional Quality Tools

tradeMONSTER is a real time investment trading platform that features some of the lowest trading fees in the industry. Though it has only been around a few years, it has grown steadily in to one of the most popular trading platforms for active, self-directed investors.  If this describes you then read on see if tradeMONSTER […]

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Black Friday Sales

Think Long Term When Shopping Black Friday and Cyber Monday

When you do your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping don’t just think of things for the upcoming holidays — think long-term! Many sales are at their best on these days.  Black Friday kicks off the big end-of-the-year holiday shopping frenzy and lots of people use it as an opportunity to stock up on gifts […]

How to prepare your home for winter to conserve energy and save money.

11 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter, Conserve Energy, and Save Money

The changing of seasons is the perfect time to check your home’s energy efficiency, especially when much of the country will be facing cold temperatures in a few months (except for those lucky few living in warmer climates). As temperatures cool, now is the time to make some updates to your home to save energy […]

10 crucial tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

10 Essential Tips For Shopping Black Friday And Cyber Monday – Don’t You Dare Shop Without Reading This

Can you believe it’s November already?!? Know what that means?  Yeah, seeing family and overeating on Thanksgiving.  There’s that, sure. Know what else? Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals! These two days have turned into crazy whirlwinds of shopping and sales (actually the whole week is full of deals).  Do your homework and you can […]

Save money by bundling your insurance policies.

Save Money – Ask About Bundling Insurance Policies

How many insurance companies do you have? Not just insurance policies, but how many insurance companies are you juggling? If you are working with multiple insurance firms you might be missing out on significant savings that you can get by bundling your insurance policies. Most Americans have several lines of insurance to cover various aspects […]

How to budget for Christmas Shopping So You Don't Go Broke

How to Budget for Christmas Shopping – Your Guide to Survive the Holiday Season

Yes, it is only just Fall and the leaves are barely starting to change color but before any of us realize it, the snow will be on the ground and Jingle Bells will be playing at the mall (OK, the holiday music will start once Halloween is over). Budgeting for Christmas shopping now may sound like a […]


Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard – Review: 40k Bonus Miles, 2x Rewards, and More

When you use a credit card wisely it’s a great tool to have in your pocket.  But it’s even better when you can earn some nice, juicy rewards that can help you travel! That’s what the Barclaycard Arrival PlusTM World Elite MasterCard® does. Stick around and keep reading our review and I’ll show you why […]

How to save on Halloween costumes for the kids.

Read These 12 Tips and Save on Halloween Costumes for Your Kids

Halloween is great fun!  I can honestly say it’s one of my favorite holidays. Here’s the one holiday where you are allowed to dress up and go around asking people for candy.  And they give it to you! I remember how exciting it was going around town in my Halloween costume, getting candy from all […]