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OptionsHouse – It’s Not Just About Options

As the bull market marches relentlessly on, investors are spreading their investment wings, expanding in to different and often uncharted asset vehicles as they gain confidence in the strength of the markets and in their own ability to trade. One of the fastest growing investment niches is options trading.  And one of the best platforms available to trade in them is OptionsHouse. And even … [Read More...]

Personal Finance

What are your kids' gift expectations?

What Are Your Kids Gift Expectations?

I hear some people complain that they have to buy expensive things for their kids because it’s what they (the kids) expect. Some don’t know what they are going to do this holiday season as times are getting tight.   How are we going to get little Johnny the latest (insert expensive popular toy here)?!? […]


Give a Smile to the Kids on Your List – Top Holiday Gifts Under $75 for Kids – 2014

The holiday shopping season is upon us.  Now is the time to find the perfect present for those special people on your list. While there are plenty of ideas for gifts under $25, we recognize that sometimes a $25 present isn’t going to cut it. For kids in your family, a gift of $75 or […]


Cool Stock Picks

TradeKing Black Friday Cyber Monday Promotion

Have you been looking to open up a brokerage account? TradeKing has their very first Black Friday promotion going on now! Here’s the TradeKing Black Friday Promotion: Open up a new account (new clients) and fund it with $3,000.  Then make 3 trades within 180 days and you’ll be eligible for a $50 bonus. You need […]


Personal Capital Black Friday/Cyber Monday $50,000 Amazon Gift Card Bonus

Instead of heading out to stand in long lines to buy stuff why not do something positive for your finances instead? Personal Capital is offering up a sweet little Black Friday incentive deal to try out their services (which are pretty awesome). Open up an account with Personal Capital and you could get an Amazon […]

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Personal finance books for the holidays.

6 Personal Finance Books to Give for the Holidays (or Read Yourself)

It feels good to give, doesn’t it? But most of the things we tend to give to family and friends have a short-term effect.  They get a gift, consume it, and then it’s on to the next thing. That’s cool and all but would it be great to give a gift that could really impact […]


How to Rein in Your Holiday Spending – 7 Ways

“‘Tis the season to be jolly,” goes the old song, but for many of us, ’tis the season to go in debt and feel financial strain. You might have thought that the days of resisting peer pressure ended in high school.  However, if everyone around you is spending elaborately for the holidays–for presents, decorating, and […]

What about a giftless Christmas?

What About a Gift-Less Christmas?

It’s quite possible, even though we are well into December, that you have not started your Holiday gift shopping. You are probably wondering who should be getting a gift, what budgets you are expected to spend, and who should get what exactly. What about the notion of not buying anything for anyone? I’m sure the […]

Know your spending triggers to change your financial behavior.

Know Your Spending Triggers To Change Your Financial Behavior

Many financial experts advocate knowing your financial personality.  Investopedia defines five major financial personalities: big spenders, savers, shoppers, debtors, and investors.  While these financial tests can be entertaining, most people fall into a several categories or none of the categories. What can be more beneficial than learning what broad category you fit into is to […]

Capital One 360 Black Friday Action – Kick Your Savings and Checking Into Gear

Black Friday isn’t just for retail stores. This year why not do something different? Instead of going out fighting the crowds to buy stuff, how about doing something that can positively impact your finances? Capital One 360 is offering up their annual Black Friday specials this year from November 28th at 12am ET through December […]

Practicing gratitude improves your relationship with money.

Being Thankful Works Wonders for You, Including Your Money

It’s easy to lose focus when it comes to your money. When you’re struggling to get your bills paid, stressing over retirement, worried about the kids paying for college — it’s a lot weighing on you and it can bring you down. Even if you’re doing well you can lose focus. With more money comes […]

Stop spoiling the kids.

I’m Sick Of Hearing It’s For The Kids – Stop Spoiling Them

Ever run across someone that gives their children everything? All the latest clothes, electronic gadgets, extracurricular activities, lavish weddings, education, you name it they have it. And then you find out the parents are struggling to keep their heads above water financially.  (Note: the parents aren’t always in financial jeopardy but I find it’s a […]