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OptionsHouse – It’s Not Just About Options

As the bull market marches relentlessly on, investors are spreading their investment wings, expanding in to different and often uncharted asset vehicles as they gain confidence in the strength of the markets and in their own ability to trade. One of the fastest growing investment niches is options trading.  And one of the best platforms available to trade in them is OptionsHouse. And even … [Read More...]

Personal Finance


How to Put Away Savings (Just Like the Government Does With Your Money)

This post is part of the TaxACT How I Save blog tour which teaches you ways to keep more money in your pocket. Last year, TaxACT saved America over $240 million on tax preparation. How much can you save? To learn more about tips and strategies on saving, click here. I save my money just like the government does. You can too! Want to know […]

Setting SMART goals for your finances.

Your Guide to Setting SMART Goals For Your Finances and More

It’s that time of the year where people start fresh and make new goals, many of those are financial. But did you know that according to a 2007 survey by British psychologist Richard Wiseman, 88% of resolutions end in failure? We tend to try to do too much with little willpower to achieve our resolutions.  We need […]

Tips for tipping this holiday season

Your Guide – Tips for Holiday Tipping (and My Story Working for Tips)

This week, I’m reviewing all of the people who provide me with services, and figuring out how much to tip them.  The following are my tips for holiday tipping. At holiday time, it’s appropriate to tip service providers that you see on a regular basis.  And avoiding services in December in order to weasel out […]

What are your kids' gift expectations?

What Are Your Kids Gift Expectations?

I hear some people complain that they have to buy expensive things for their kids because it’s what they (the kids) expect. Some don’t know what they are going to do this holiday season as times are getting tight.   How are we going to get little Johnny the latest (insert expensive popular toy here)?!? […]


Cool Stock Picks

TradeKing Black Friday Cyber Monday Promotion

Have you been looking to open up a brokerage account? TradeKing has their very first Black Friday promotion going on now! Here’s the TradeKing Black Friday Promotion: Open up a new account (new clients) and fund it with $3,000.  Then make 3 trades within 180 days and you’ll be eligible for a $50 bonus. You need […]


Personal Capital Black Friday/Cyber Monday $50,000 Amazon Gift Card Bonus

Instead of heading out to stand in long lines to buy stuff why not do something positive for your finances instead? Personal Capital is offering up a sweet little Black Friday incentive deal to try out their services (which are pretty awesome). Open up an account with Personal Capital and you could get an Amazon […]

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Ways to save on Valentine's Day

How to Save Money on Valentine’s Day and Still Have Fun – 23 Ways

Every year, it seems like we’ve just gotten over the Christmas expense when another big expense comes—that’s right—Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day has turned into a highly commercialized holiday. In fact, according to the History Channel, “the holiday brings in almost $14 billion annually” (History). But the history of Valentine’s Day is anything but romantic.  The […]

5 ways to use credit cards without getting into debt.

Five Ways to Use Credit Cards Without Getting Buried in Debt

Everyone knows the importance of using credit cards responsibly; the issue comes down to actually using them. How do you use your credit cards to your advantage without also over using them to the point where they become a problem? Let’s face it, credit cards are extremely user friendly! Everything about them tempts you to use […]

Why getting a large tax refund is bad.

5 Reasons Getting a Large Tax Refund is Bad

The stress of doing your taxes is over. You filed all of your forms and to your joy you’re getting back a tax refund.  And it’s a nice sized one too! It’s awesome, right? Not so fast. Getting a lump sum payout after filing your taxes feels great.  But I’m going to show you that […]

Instead of focusing on the process, focus on the end result.

Don’t Let Your Goals Fizzle Out! – 5 Reasons Goals Fail, and What You Can Do To Make Yours Succeed

It’s become a yearly ritual for many: Set ambitious goals for the New Year, tackle them enthusiastically for a few weeks, and then give up on them completely by March. This is a vicious cycle that encourages you to feel bad about yourself, and feel as though you’ll never get out of your rut. Whether […]


Give a Smile to the Kids on Your List – Top Holiday Gifts Under $75 for Kids – 2014

The holiday shopping season is upon us.  Now is the time to find the perfect present for those special people on your list. While there are plenty of ideas for gifts under $25, we recognize that sometimes a $25 present isn’t going to cut it. For kids in your family, a gift of $75 or […]