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HUD Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP): Home Loans for Those Facing Foreclosure

One of the most difficult things for many a homeowner during the recession following the recent financial crisis is that through job loss, or through underemployment, foreclosure might be imminent. In order to help those who are in danger of foreclosure due to income loss, the government is offering the Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP). This program is limited, though.  You only have until July 22 to get your preliminary application in, so you need to act fast!

Who Qualifies for HUD Emergency Homeowners’ Loan Program (EHLP)?

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What is Better: A Foreclosure or a Short Sale?

You want to buy a home for less than market value, or do you want to own a second home and are looking for a deal?  There are few active buyers in the real estate market nowadays but those who are seriously looking are considering short sales or foreclosures.  If you are one of these people then what is better for you – a short-sale or a foreclosure?

Is a short-sale best?

Short sale signs are popping up everywhere yet many people do not know what this means.  The seller who chooses a short sale is in a hurry to get out of their mortgage so the lender agrees to accept a mortgage payoff amount that’s less than what’s owed in order to help the seller get out fast.  The lender ultimately forgives the remaining balance of the mortgage loan.
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Ever get stuck looking for the perfect gift?  You know the person doesn’t need another “thing” and a gift-card seems too impersonal.  How about giving a stock certificate? enables you to give the gift of a stock certificate for that special someone.  What’s cooler than buying someone a piece of a company they love? is a privately-owned company that sells stocks one at a time. Lance Lee, a stock broker, came up with the idea in 1996 after years of being asked by parents how to go about buying stocks as presents for their children.  Based in San Francisco, OneShare has sold hundreds of thousands of stocks to satisfied customers all over the world.Continue Reading

Where to Change Your Name After Marriage

Husband and Wife

The most common reason people change their names outside of being in Witness Protection is a bride after her wedding. Taking on your husband’s last name is traditional of a bride, and what many girls have been dreaming of possibly since their first date with the man of their dreams.  Changing your last name is much more than scribbling it on your notebook; there’s actually a lot of work that goes into it.  You have to make sure to change your name after marriage on important accounts and documents.
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8 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home Before Buying a New One

When it comes to buying a home, buyers try to engineer the ultimate balancing act of buying the new one first, THEN putting the current one up on the market before the ink is even dry on the purchase contract.

The object—and expectation—is to find that perfect home, then to put the old one on the market in the hope of selling it in the treasured but increasingly mythical simultaneous closing.

Just playing it out in your mind is exhausting, but making it actually happen is a truly massive undertaking.  What would make anyone think that such an effort is worth trying?

Fear! Fear that you might not be able to find the right home after selling your current home.  Fear of being homeless.  Fear of temporary housing.  Fear of the dreaded “double move” (moving from the old home to temporary housing, then again to the new home).

Those fears may be legitimate at some level, but there are even greater causes for concern if you plan to buy before selling.  Here are eight of them…Continue Reading

The Cost of Clutter on Your Finances and Life

We are a nation of junk collectors.  Look around your house.  Do you see any clutter?  Are there things you own that you know you shouldn’t have purchased?  Are there items you purchased but have never used?  Look in the closet.  Are there any clothes with the price tag still on them?  Any non-perishable food you bought that you decided you just don’t want to eat?  Any expired food?

I thought so.

The Cost of Clutter

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Debt Doesn’t Mean You’re a Bad Person

How often have you heard of people covering up their debts? Or even worse, going into more debt buying things they don’t need to prove to people that they’re “not in debt.”  Too often, this shame someone feels drives them into further debt and causes havoc in other areas of their life.  I’m here to tell you there is another way!

Being in debt does not make you a bad or irresponsible person! I mean, if it did, then anyone who is making payments on a car or house is deemed a “bad person.”  More specifically though, I’m referring to serious consumer debt.  I feel that often times, people who have spending problems cover up their debt or feel ashamed about what they’ve done.  If you keep following a pattern of consumer debt and doing nothing about it, then yes, you are irresponsible!  But, it’s all about how you deal with your debt.  If you realize the damage you’re doing to your finances and do something about it, you learn a tough lesson and move on with life.
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