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Groupon Barnes and Noble National Deal

Groupon has another of their great national retail deals going.  This one is for Barnes & Noble.

$10 for $20 Worth of Books, Games, Toys, and More at Barnes & Noble!

This deal is good for purchases in-store as well as online.  What is really nice is this deal is also valid on sale items as well as their popular e-reader the Nook! (Though not valid at B&N College locations).

You know what is coming up soon, right? I’ll tell you – Valentine’s Day! I’ve always found that Barnes & Noble had a great selection of cards and small gifts for Valentine’s Day (including the yummy Godiva Chocolates).  Here’s a way to make V-Day a little less expensive.
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Love and Taxes – Tax Filing Date Changed to February 14 For Some Tax Filers

Ahh, love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  What better way to celebrate than by filing your taxes…


No, I don’t seriously expect you to celebrate Valentine’s Day by filing your taxes (unless that’s your thing, then hey, by all means).

Due to late changes in the tax laws at the end of 2010 (the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act Of 2010 enacted Dec. 17), the IRS will be delaying the first day to file taxes for some taxpayers to February 14th, 2011.  The IRS needs extra to update some of their systems to accommodate the tax laws.
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Do You Know How You Will Pay for College?

Many parents fully expect to pay for (or at least help pay for) their children to attend college. This, however, is becoming an increasingly daunting task.  The cost of a college education continues to rise, becoming almost prohibitive.  One of the first things to realize as you prepare to pay for your child’s education, or prepare to have your child get ready to pay for his or her own education, is that it is highly unlikely that you will be able to rely on one source of funding to meet your needs.
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Best Retirement Plans For The Self Employed or Small Business Owner

This is a guest post by Jeff Rose. Jeff Rose is an Illinois Certified Financial Planner and co-founder of Alliance Investment Planning Group.  He is also the author of Good Financial Cents, a financial planning and investment blog and he is currently working on his first book entitled Soldier of Finance.  You can see more about his mission at the same titled blog Soldier of
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Freeze Your Credit To Protect Your Identity

Two years ago, my online identity was compromised; I have an eBay account, and someone hacked into it and bought $1,000 worth of electronics.  Luckily I caught the theft the very next day, and eBay was wonderful and took care of the charges.  However, that spooked me and my husband, so we decided to take the radical step of freezing our credit to protect our identity, in part because we plan to buy a home in the next few years and do not want anything to compromise our credit score.

Benefits of Freezing Your Credit

When you use a security freeze, you essentially lock down your credit.  If your information is stolen and thieves try to open up an account, they will be thwarted.  Ultimately, this is the best way to protect your identity.  Credit monitoring may help you recognize theft has occurred, but a freeze keeps the theft from ever occurring.
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The 8 Least-Evil Banks as Determined by CNNMoney

CNNMoney has put together a list of the 8 least-evil banks.

What do they mean by least-evil?

Since legislation passed not long ago to reign in bank fees and unfair practices, more and more free banking is disappearing and many banks have been implementing all sorts of fees to make up for lost revenue from the new laws.  Some banks offer ways to avoid their fees but you have to jump through hoops to figure out how to qualify.

Why is this important? Bank fees can drain your account!  You can easily find yourself paying a good amount of money in bank fees every month.  According to a Wall Street Journal article (The New Bank Fees: How to Fight Back, June 19, 2010), the average fee for falling below the minimum balance on an interest-bearing account is $12.55 while the average overdraft fee was $29.58.  Add to that the fact that banks will be looking to either limit debit card transactions or add fees to the transactions and you can see how it’s getting expensive to bank!
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Do You Need to Adjust Your Tax Withholding?

With yet another tax season under way, it is time to evaluate your tax withholding and determine whether or not you should adjust it. There are a number of reasons to consider changing your tax withholding:

Life Changes

Major life changes might mean a necessary change in your withholding.  Marriage, divorce, death of a dependent, and the birth of a child are all life changes that can result in a need to change the number of exemptions that you claim on your W-4.  This change will mean a difference in your withholdings.

You Ended Up with a Big Refund

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