Peapod Review – Online Grocery Shopping Made Easy

Isn’t grocery shopping a huge time suck?

You pack the family in the car, go to the grocer and deal with the kids running around, stand on line, then drive back to unload groceries.  If you’re like me, odds are this is done on the weekend which is the closest you have to free time.

What’s the alternative?  Peapod.

Check out more in our Peapod review below.

Peapod is an online service (through Stop & Shop) that all allows you to shop online for your groceries. They put together your order and deliver it to you.  Simple and efficient.

Here are the basics of Peapod grocery shopping…

Browse through the “aisles” or search for items (if you have a Stop & Shop card you can enter your membership number and it will show you items you have shopped for before).  As you find the items you want, add then to your cart.

Peapod carries many popular and in-store brands as well as their own fresh bakery, platters for entertaining, ready-to-cook meals, a selection of natural/organic items, and even a stock of national a local beers (mmm).  As you shop you can compare items and check out the nutritional labels to see if the food fits your dietary needs.

Peapod also features sales and deals on select items every week.  There are even coupons you can download and clip.

Did you say coupons?  I can use coupons?

Yes, you can use coupons.

Besides the coupons you can find on the site you can also use manufacturers coupons.  In fact, Peapod will double all valid manufacturers coupons up to $.99 in value.

“But how do I put the coupons in the computer,” you might ask?

What you do is put all of the coupons you are applying in a sealed envelope with your name and order number on it and give it to your driver when your order is delivered.  Note: the coupons get applied after your order has been processed (paid for).  Coupons totaling over $1.00 will credit back to your payment method (credit card, etc…).  Coupons totaling under $1.00 will be credited to your next order.

How do I get the stuff?

You can have your order delivered anytime from the next day to up to two weeks in advance (provided the time slot is open).  For the next morning you need to have your order complete by 3PM.  For the next afternoon, your order need to be finished by 11:59PM.  To choose a delivery time, go to the Delivery Times tab and choose what works best for you.

Tip: Reserve your delivery time before you start your order to make sure the time slot is available.

Sounds great, but what does it cost?

For orders over $100 the fee is $6.95.  Orders under $100 are $9.95.  The minimum to order is $60.

If you are flexible with your times, you can save money by picking select lots which help Peapod consolidate orders in your area.

Where do they deliver?

Peapod delivers to the following areas/cities: Chicagoland, Milwaukee, S.E. Wisconsin, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia area, Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia (check your zip code on the site to make sure they deliver by you)…they serve over 20 U.S. markets!

Refer A Friend

Peapod has a program where they will give you a $10 credit after your referred friend makes their first order.  You give Peapod your friend’s email and they send a message about shopping with Peapod.  Your friend then enters your email when they make their first order.


Peapod is affiliated with Upromise so when you shop your purchases can count towards college savings (they might even have their own special deals to check out for Peapod).

Promotional codes

Right now if you use the promotional code: AFFL3 you can get $10 off your first order!  This code lasts through Feb. 2012.

If you’re in NYC, use: NYCJ15 for $15 OFF First Order – Good for Manhattan (New York) — Good through Feb. 2012.

In the Philadelphia area, use: AFFL20 for $20 OFF First Order (this area is served by Giant).

There is also a promotion for free delivery for the first 60 days after your first delivery (you get the code after your first order has been delivered).  Check the site for details.

Who should use Peapod?

If your time is tight and you don’t mind the delivery fee (and really, time is money) then this service may be great for you.

I have a friend who runs his own business.  If he’s not out working then he’s home dealing with clients and doing behind the scenes work.  He swears by Peapod!  The time it takes for him to go out shopping can be time preparing for jobs or acquiring new clients.  It’s well worth the fee for him.

Are you one to go food shopping, even with a detailed list, and still end up getting a ton of extra items on impulse?  With Peapod you can use their Express Shop service or pull up previous orders to only buy what you need to.  Eliminating all the extra impulse buys can save you a ton!

Of course you need to make sure Peapod carries the items you would otherwise buy.  If you tend to shop at more specialty markets then Peapod might not have what you require.

Sign up for Peapod here and and get back your valuable time!

Have you used Peapod?  What do you think of it?

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Published or updated February 23, 2012.


  1. Would delivering groceries be an income opportunity for the unemployed?

    • I guess it would depend on the person and what they are willing to do for work. Also the willingness of the store to hire you.

      I’m sure as Peapod grows in popularity they will need more people to help run it.

  2. We shop at Stop & Shop all the time and we have even looked into Peapod. It seems like a great service! I never considered using it to become a more disciplined shopper!

  3. Oh. I was expecting a review.

    Well I have one friend who swears by it and says they send you lots of coupon books. Also I think there is some referral bonus. Everytime I start to shop for the service, I get discouraged by Stop &Shop’s prices.

    • Always shop around and make sure the prices work for you. But it sounds great that coupons are sent out! That’s a nice incentive. PeaPod may not work for everyone but I think it can be a great time-saver for many.

  4. so i placed my very first order with Peabod yesterday morning. its supposed to arrive this morning. I’m not a mother or a very busy person. i just saw that there was a $15 discount for new customers. this more than pays for my shipping. and i have coupons. i feel a bit guilty because theres a stop and shop literaly 10 mins from my house. however with the code im actually spending less money than if i had gone it.

    • Don’t feel guilty at all! In fact, be happy that you save the time of having to go to the store and deal with crowds.

  5. Art Winston says:

    Hey, Peapod is great if you want expired products. Ordered on a trial a mess of diet cokes, over half were expired and flat. Never again. Can only wonder what their produce and other food products must be like. Gross.

  6. Rofl @ art. Omg that’s so sad. Lol. I would b pissed. Did u complain???

  7. I have ordered their produce and it’s is better than I could get in store. Bits perfect! The meat, veggies, and odd products especiially organic are far better than antstore out there. I’m in Chicago market and shop the specials . My bills have actually gone way down since I started using them including the del charge. I started using them when I broke my back and will never stop as long as they keep up decent prices ans quality food. Easter ham was delicious. I did have a problem with some chobani yogurt that did not have the fruit in it it was supposed to but I called them and got lots of free. They have a generic brand that is good. I am not an extreme couponer but all the prices of sale items are very comparable if not better than reg grocery stores. East to get delivery for even the next day! I absolutely love this service can’t say enough great stuff about it. Nthey even put your groceries on you kitchen counter!

  8. Martha Grieashamer says:

    Have used Peapod several times, the latest one this morning’s delivery. I was a little disappointed when the driver informed me they had to substitute an out-of-stock item (although the replacement wasn’t bad). However, it wasn’t until he left that I discovered another out-of-stock item which there was no explanation for on the delivery invoice (credit,replacement,etc.) Also, there was mention made of a “free gift” (Tums) which wasn’t included. (I searched every bag carefully as I put my groceries away.) This isn’t the first time – on my second order, I had ordered cockatiel seed which wasn’t included though the drivers assured me everything “was there”. These are my only complaints with this service.

  9. thanks for this info it helped me alot check out my site for more info iphone5

  10. Know someone who doesn’t have a computer( like your parents) , We take phone orders for Peapod.
    We have a small fee for taking the order. But when you cant get out or just don’t want to go to the store. Call us for info 888-902-7467

  11. Peapod is great and all the delivery drivers we have had are so nice…so remember to tip them well!!!

  12. Martha Grieashamer says:

    Since I only get paid once a month from Social Security, I have to do at least a month’s worth of grocery shopping at one time. Peapod has been a godsend in that respect, since I developed arthritis in both knees. However, by the time I have the money deposited and can go shopping, I’m almost out of everything; I was a little disappointed when the 7:00-9:00 window was sold out and I had to go to the 7:30-1:00 slot. When I got up and verfied the delivery window, I couldn’t expect my delivery until between 11:00 and 1:00. The driver showed up at 11:40, and by that time, there was nothing left in the house and I was starved, having missed both breakfast and lunch. I don’t hold the driver responsible for my shortsightedness, however – it was a large order and heavy, too.

  13. Where in the world do I put my code to get 15 dollars off :-(( ??? Help….

  14. cj castalia says:

    Ridiculously bad service. They never have several items you ordered. When they arrive they sometimes tell you that they didn’t deliver them and sometimes they don’t Often they substitute with the weirdest inappropriate items. You must look at everything that might have an expiration date because they arrange to send out the fresh items with the closest delivery dates that will spoil within a day or two of delivery. WORST…there is no record of what you ordered. and when you call up and tell them that you didn’t get what you ordered, they argue with you and tell you that it was YOUR mistake and not theirs and want to charge you to come and exchange. Ridiculous. I tried this four or five times and it never got better, just worse.

  15. I would like to use the S&S flyer coupons for my Peapod order!

  16. Peapod is a horrible service. Although it is convenient picking up your groceries and not having the shop, the way they packed the groceries cost more of your own time then just going grocery shopping on your own. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve picked up my grocery and had chicken juice leaking all over the bags and all over my car and all over my house. One time my kids even got into it which even worse. Bottles and products are always broken and defective. These people clearly do not know what they’re doing and need to seriously shape up. It’s unfortunate since it is such a good service but poorly implemented. I highly recommend people to stay away from this, or you will probably waste more time than it save you.

  17. Linda Williams says:

    I’ve been using peapod for the last 4 years due to caring for my invalid father that I could not leave alone to go shopping. My biggest complaint with peapod is every delivery the Packers throw potatoes or cans of baked beans on my bread products. I call to complain and they assure me they will retrain and next time the hamburger and hot dog buns are smashed again. I’m beginning to think they are doing this on purpose.

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