Popular Honeymoon Spots on the Cheap

Big spending has dropped in popularity since the 2008 financial crisis.  The era of glamorous weddings and honeymoons appears to be over.  Engaged couples and newlyweds are downsizing to more affordable scenarios.  More couples are choosing to emphasize the emotional and conjugal aspects of marriage instead of focusing on “bling.”

Honeymoons have shifted from exotic, romantic locations to places that, while still beautiful and romantic, do not cost so much to travel to them.  Affordable honeymoon locations are more popular than ever.  Many of them serve their patrons well.  Couples can start a life together just as well if they stick to a budget when planning the trip.  Here are the top five most popular,cheap honeymoon locations.


California is still the destination of choice for many couples.  The San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara has been described as “Historic California at its most intoxicating,” according to the website.  San Ysidro offers a two-night minimum stay package offering several luxuries for a grand total of $2,080, excluding airfare.  Couples can enjoy spending their honeymoon in a cottage or junior suite.  A sunken hot tub, private deck and outdoor rain shower are just a few of the features that San Ysidro offers honeymooners.  Guests have a bottle of cooled Champagne delivered to them on arrival.  They have three choices for entertainment:

– Full-day private wine tour of the San Ynez Valley
– An 18-hole golf round with cart included at either the Sandpiper Golf Club, Rancho San Marcos Golf Course or Montecito Country Club or
– A 90-minute couple’s massage in the privacy of their room.


popular cheap honeymoon locations

Find a popular, cheap honeymoon location and keep your marriage from starting off in debt!

A camping honeymoon is perfect for a couple that loves the outdoors.  Save money on travel, lodging and food by booking a site at a campground and pitching a tent.  Camping trips can be taken anywhere the couple wishes, from a mountaintop to a lonely beach.  An outdoor setting is a place where a couple can get to know one another extremely well, perhaps even better than they would get to know one another in a more luxurious setting.  Couples have to choose the campsite, which may be a national or state park if they want to remain in the U.S.

The Virgin Islands National Park in the Virgin Islands offers camping opportunities on the Cinnamon Bay Campground.  Bare tent sites, cottages and raised tent platforms are all available.  At least two weeks advance notice is required when making a reservation.  Daily rates start at $25, with a maximum of four occupants per bare tent site and cottages start at $45 per day.

Home Exchange

Thanks to the Internet, couples can avail themselves of a new trend: home swapping.  Two parties uproot themselves and change living locations with one another, offering the full use of each other’s homes.  This concept may seem risky, but over the last ten years thousands of people have participated.  Reports of property damage are rare, and theft is practically nonexistent.  A lot of time is spent building up trust before the home exchange is made.

Desirable locations include the Hamptons and Nantucket, Massachusetts.  Nantucket, in particular, is one of the United States’s most famous vacation locales, and honeymooners have traveled there for years.  The charming clap board homes are complimented by harbor views and Upper Main Street.  Nantucket locations are some of the most popular home exchange destinations for honeymooning.


Beach lovers and couples who love romance by the sea are destined for the tropical oasis of Hawaii.  The islands themselves offer plenty of opportunities for couples to enjoy their surroundings and one another.  Looking for package deals from hotels is the best way to go.  The Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu offers luxurious accommodations and features a private lagoon which is home to the Resort’s own resident dolphins.  The Blissful Beginnings Package starts at $580 a night, but couples will have to factor in travel costs.  Hawaii is ultimately the best location for couples, because it is the classic destination for romance and sight-seeing.  The fire from the volcanoes and the cool sea breezes combine to create a magical environment.


Wyoming may seem like a strange place for a honeymoon.  In reality, it’s like Colorado without the tourists.  In addition to Yellowstone, Wyoming also offers the majestic Grand Teton National Park.  Jackson Hole is one of the country’s most premier ski destinations.  Wyoming is a great destination for honeymooners who wish to camp or ski.  The Four Seasons Resort in Jackson Hole is well-known for being pricey, but couples who don’t mind skipping on the luxury aspects will be just as happy staying at a less-expensive hotel.  Wyoming offers unvarnished, unadulterated nature for the couple’s enjoyment.  Skiing, hiking, dog-sledding and more are available to experience.

As you can see, a honeymoon doesn’t have to put newlyweds into debt.  There are plenty of options for popular cheap honeymoons.

What other ideas do you have for honeymoon spots on the cheap?

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Published or updated October 23, 2013.


  1. I really like your idea about home swapping. It allows such flexibility as far as destination goes. We have talked about looking more into this so thanks for the tips. We have also looked into renting an apartment in a foreign country for a month and then just traveling around. We might very well do this next year.

    We find hostels a really great way to stay for cheap in an expensive place. You can pretty much visit anywhere when you can pay as little as $10 a night.

  2. Great idea for an article Jon! A couple friends of mine who just got married had their honeymoon on the coast. They saved so much money!

  3. Your article points out that there are a lot of overlooked places for honeymoons. There are always interesting and romantic places to see in every state. Staying some place that almost local can be less expensive and convenient.

  4. Wonderful suggestions, while I love camping I wouldn’t picked that for a honeymoon. I’ve heard wonderful things about Wyoming – might have to schedule a vacation there some time.

  5. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager says:

    Still a fan of the tropics. Just need to use those frequent flier miles 🙂

  6. I admit that I have to agree with Ellie. It makes for a great vacation, but seems an unlikely honeymoon destination.

  7. Doctor Stock says:

    Interesting… although I’ve never considered a home swap. What a great idea… even with a friend. Spend a couple days together, swap, etc. Holiday and house sitting all in one. Thanks…

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