1. Savings goals is something I want to continue in this new year, I am working on continuing to add to my 10 yr investing fund where I have set up an automatic transfer each month. I also have a money market account set up where I put side savings for a vacation.
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  2. John DeFlumeri Jr says:

    Getting on track with slashing spending is first, then paying off high interest debt, then saving for the future. My opinion only!

    John DeFlumeri Jr
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  3. WellHeeled says:

    Great post! My goal is to make regular retirement savings – max out Roth IRA. I have ~$16,000 in student loans but they have such favorable terms (0% interest rate) that I’m not in any rush to pay those off.

    • 0% interest? That’s free money! We have a car loan at 0.9% that we’re in no rush to pay off. We have better things to do with the money.

  4. Griff (Financial Freedom 5G Team) says:

    Great saving tips. I think getting out of debt is extremely important, but I also think that saving on a regular basis is also very important. What I do and what I tell others to do on is to automate their savings by setting up automatic deposits into their online savings accounts. This helps to eliminate human error in forgetting about it. I personally put about 70$ per week into my savings for different short term expenses and emergencies.

    thanks for the post. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  5. Fred Schebesta says:

    Definately key to slash your costs and earn more than you spend. You aren’t going to get far in your personal financial situation without that in place.

  6. I am big on making the most out of every dollar that comes in. Each person has a different financial situation, but for us, we live simply, eat well for less and our goals are to pay off our homeloan quickly and then build assets for our retirement.

    Big plans ahead, but you have to start somewhere. If that means saving $10 a week to start with, then that is what we can do. There are thousands of ways to save money, the trick is how to use what you get wisely. Do you invest, pay off debt, simply save?

    My blog is all about making and saving money and the methods we are using to pay off our home in five years.
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    • There’s definitely no one plan that is right for everyone. I like that you understand that all goals start somewhere. When my wife and I went to one income extra savings were cut down a lot! But we still make sure to transfer something to savings, even if it’s a small amount.

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