1. I use online banking all the time! One of the unintended consequences is not buying stamps for years. In addition, the bank guarantees delivery by the date selected. Seems like a winwin!

    • Indeed it does seem win-win. Not having to deal with stamps or envelopes is huge. I’ll tell you, I would much rather deal online then write out checks and mail (it’s part of why I used to have late payments on credit cards years back).

  2. Hate to tell you Glen, but this is old news. People have been doing this for……..a long time.

    • The option has always been there but I never used it Mark. I think there are a lot of people who are still leery of online banking.

  3. Not sure when this was written but whether old news or not, it helped me find what I wanted to know faster than searching ING’s website, so glad it’s here! BTW, ING’s overnight check is a cashier’s check, not just an ordinary check:

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