Stocks Drop 2% This Week and Links

The US stock markets dropped about 2% this week.

Is it time to abandon ship on stocks?

Maybe!  Or maybe not.  How can you tell?

It all comes down to your asset allocation and investment plan.  You shouldn’t make significant investing moves just because the stock market goes up or down.  Your shifting of assets should only occur inside your investment plan’s rules rather than because of an emotional decision.

Not sure how to handle your money or investments? Here are some articles to help out:

Get Rich Slowly | How to throw a yard sale when you’re an apartment dweller
CNN Money | Make your executor duties easier
The Simple Dollar | Bulk Buying versus Clutter
The College Investor | Should You Pay For Your Child’s College Education?
PT Money | The Saving Squirrel and Other Ways of Teaching Young Children to Save Money
Retire by 40 | The Anti 9-5 Approach to Building Wealth
Five Cent Nickel | How to help your family after you are gone
Good Financial Cents | Top 5 Non-Medical Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Rates
Wealthy Turtle | Work at Home Parent with Limited Time? Try This Trick
Moolanomy | 7 Websites to Help You Manage Your Finances Online

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Published or updated August 27, 2013.

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