Stocks Reach New Highs and Links

I thought the economy was still in shambles?

Isn’t unemployment a little higher than we’d like?  Isn’t the Fed going to end stimulus and the economy is going to tank?

Don’t tell it to Wall Street.

The stock markets are breaching new highs it seems every week.  This leads to fear in some investors and greed in others.  Some see opportunity and others see the market only has one way to go — down.

But investing based on your emotions and “gut feeling” of the market won’t work.  You need an investing plan that you will stick to.  Sticking to any financial plan will help you weather the ups and downs of life and the stock markets.  You still might react a little bit, but if you hold close to the plan you are less likely to make vast changes that ultimately will hurt you more than they help you.

Here are some great reads this week. Use them to put together your financial plan:

Wise Bread | Become a Producer to Put Your Consumption in Perspective
Christian PF | How to Start an Educational Savings Account
Prairie Eco-Thrifter | Are You Making These Five Retirement Planning Mistakes?
CNN Money | How to Tell Your Kid You’re Cutting Him Off
Wealth Lion | Your Most Valuable Financial Asset Could Be Worth Millions More
The Dime | To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade: Weighing Car Maintenance Costs
Money Life and More | 5 Clever Ways to Save Money on a Summer Vacation
Not Made of Money | Reflecting on Insurance for Aging Cars
Bloomberg | US Mortgage Rates for 30-Year Loans Rise to 2-Year High
Married with Debt | Is a Salaried Job Really Better Than an Hourly Job?

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Published or updated November 23, 2014.


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