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Let me tell you a bit about Free From Broke

I’m FFB and I write about personal finance, money, savings, and how this affects our family (and possibly yours).  I started Free From Broke in October 2007 because I thought I had something to contribute to help people with their personal finances.

What qualifies me to write about personal finance?

I’m married with two kids.  My wife stays at home to take care of the kids.  You can imagine that it gets tough sometimes to juggle the finances to make ends meet.  This is where I write from.  Many years ago I wasn’t as knowledgeable about money and got myself in a bit of credit card debt.  Over time I’ve been able to pick away at the debt till I was able to get rid of it and now I’m much better at handling my finances!

I write about other things from time to time too! One article should interest you as it’s my personal Guide to Twitter!  In it I talk about why you should be using Twitter (you’re obviously smart enough to be on it already) and some great tips on how to use Twitter.

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