7 Ways Your Finances are Scarier Than Zombies

Thanks to the Walking Dead zombies are more popular than ever this Halloween.

You might even say they’re cool.

But do you know what’s scarier than zombies?  Facing yet another Halloween with your financial demons!

Here are 7 Ways Your Finances are Scarier Than Zombies…Read on…IF YOU DARE!!!

7 ways your finances are scarier than zombies.

1. The horror of having no savings

Every day is a horror movie when you don’t have any savings.

One unexpected bill can scare the daylights out of you.  It can even affect your ability to do your job, take care of your family and run your household.

Resolve to start saving money this Halloween.  

That will give you exactly two months to get into a good habit before the start of the new year.  If you can keep it going into next year, next Halloween might not be so…horrific!

2. A high level of debt is like living with vampires sucking you dry

Debt and vampires—that’s a pretty strong connection, wouldn’t you say?  And it’s a valid one too.

Debt is yesterdays obligations sucking you dry today and into your future.

Just like a vampire, it slowly drains the life from you and makes it difficult to move forward with more productive plans.  And just like a vampire, if it gets bad enough, it has the potential to change your life forever with monsters like bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Stop the blood sucking by resolving to get yourself out of debt.  Stop using your credit cards and build a plan to gradually pay them down.  Use the debt snowball to begin paying off your smallest debt, then move up to the next smallest and keep putting as stake through the heart of each debt you have.

You wouldn’t live with vampires if you could avoid it, but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you allow debt into your finances.

3. An oversized haunted house payment

scary finances

How scary are your finances? Scarier than zombies? Could be.

It’s no exaggeration to say that having an oversized house payment is like living in a haunted house.

Sure, you might like living in your house, but the payment is enough to make you feel as if you’re sharing the place with spooks.

And you just might be!  Wrestling with an oversized house payment can keep you awake at night.  That’s the most basic thing that happens when you live in a haunted house.

4. Ghostly retirement savings

Ghostly as in not really there!

Good intentions are not nearly enough when it comes to retirement planning.  Neither are fancy plans and projections. They’re just ghostly images swirling in your mind—fun to ponder but impossible to touch.

Bring your retirement savings plans back from the dead by stocking them with some real, living, breathing money, that way it’ll be able to breathe life into your finances when your career is about to be buried for the last time.

5. Not enough life insurance could leave your loved ones living like zombies

That’s hardly an exaggeration!

If you’re one of the main breadwinners in your household, inadequate life insurance could leave your loved ones living like zombies.

Existing, but hardly thriving.

Don’t let that happen to your loved ones!  You have the power to keep them from turning into zombies when you die.  Make sure you have enough life insurance coverage that they’ll not only survive, but will also be able to have a future even if you’re not there to live it with them.

6. A frightening job situation

Do you get Sunday-itis?

That’s what happens on a Sunday evening when a phantom headache hits, your stomach feels knotted and anxiety begins to bite.  You’re dreading the Monday morning return to work!

That probably won’t get better—at least not on its own.  Spend some serious time figuring out what about your job is bothering you, and resolve to fix what ever it might be.  A conflict with a co-worker, a difficult boss, too much responsibility or an insufficient income.  If you can’t make it better, set your sites on replacing it before the next full moon rises.

Stress can send you to an early grave, and that’s not even fun at Halloween.

7. Spooky student loan debts

College was fun wasn’t it?  But now you’re being haunted by the Ghost of Spending Past.

Make a plan to pay the loans off as soon as possible and if you’re having problems doing that, look into an income based repayment plan that can bring the monthly payment in line with your income level.

Don’t let student loans spook you for another decade!  Explore your options and take what ever act you need to that will exorcise this demon from your life.


You don’t have to live with such scary finances.  Take action today.  This way you can spend your time worrying about the zombiepocolypse rather than your personal finances.

What other ways are finances scarier than zombies?

Happy Halloween!

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Published or updated October 18, 2015.


  1. I am so glad I bought much less house than I can afford it does wonders in giving us a lot of extra room in our budget!

  2. I want to say something like your clowning around with your spending by not doing any research, but I’m not sure that is very scary. But clowns are always scary…

  3. Your analogies are awesome. I love the “spooky” theme. All good points, obviously. I think the one most people tend to overlook is life insurance, unfortunately. It is so important to be prepared for the worst!

  4. want to say something like your clowning around with your spending by not doing any research, but I’m not sure that is very scary. But clowns are always scary…

  5. The frightening job situation is so true. I remember when I had a job I just couldn’t stand. But with bills to pay no choice but to go in and on Sunday’s it was just the worse already thinking about the next day’s work.

  6. Of course, in a zombie apocalypse, debt doesn’t matter. But seriously, it was a fun piece. And I’m really glad we didn’t buy more house than we could afford. Though we should have had more set aside for inevitable repairs. I guess those are the things that go bump in the night!

  7. Great analogies towards finances. I feel my high mortgage was like being in a haunted house. In order to improve finances, one needs to be involved with the top paying careers

  8. Eeek! Those truly are scary things! Similar to #1, I’d add not having an emergency fund as worse than zombies. And, having no investments is another terrifying thought!

  9. LOVE THIS post! My student loans were definitely very scary and much scarier than zombies. I am so happy they are gone 🙂

  10. I feel like #6 has an effect on all others. I see many people who hate their jobs spend whatever money they have on things to make them forget about their job, thus putting less money towards savings or retirement.

    Also…DEBT VAMPIRES!!!!

  11. This is so true. I would agree that my finances are scarier than anything I could see on Halloween.

  12. One scary scenario that could ever happen is losing your money in an investment that’s shaky. In order to succeed at binary options trading, you need a strategy and learn about technical vs. fundamental trading strategies.

  13. This is such a great way to talk about finances. I’m currently trying to get rid of my student loan ghost as soon as I can by upping my monthly repayment to as much as I can spare. Hopefully I won’t be haunted for much longer!

  14. Great article Glen. I also believe in the debt snowball method for paying off your expenses. Once you tackle the smallest debt and pay it off (feels good) it gives you more motivation to keep moving forward until you are debt free!

  15. John Brendt says:
  16. Richard D. Lum says:

    Nothing can be scarier than zombies

  17. It’s scary reading this article because I think it’s so applicable to young people all over the place. Not a lot of people know the tricks of the trade to really manage their finances and when it comes to financing and purchasing financial tools, it really just gets a lot more complicated and daunting to sort things out for themselves!

  18. Truly, I don’t have finances in hand so I understand this post very well. Having no finance is more scarier than zoombie.

  19. I use my credit card to purchase everything online. I’m happy, That i’m getting what I need for that moment. But in the month end “You payment due is ****” This message from my bank scare the hell out of me. 🙁

  20. I can certainly imagine the horror if you don’t have any savings. I’d really cry my heart out especially if it’s during rainy days.

  21. Nice article Glen you are nicely explain financial problems comparing finance to zombis.
    so it is attract to read this article to everyone.

  22. You know what they say, money can’t buy you happiness but it can certainly buy you the things that do make you happy! And although we don’t want money to drive our lives, it’s unavoidable that we need to better manage our finances and financial obligations so we live happier!

  23. Scary! Bankruptcy ruins the life. anyways great and interesting article.

  24. In fact, every debt which is not you business debt, is a source of problem. If you are financing something what is making money – then there is not problem. But going into debt for crap like new phone, car, holiday and two new tables is a big failure.

    Golden Life

  25. Haha, crazy article 😀 I like it

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