Working Hard For What You Want – New Jetta Ad

Have you seen the latest commercial for the new Volkswagon Jetta? In the ad (called Moonighting), the main character, Tom, is working as a nurse (? I think) and he sees some ads for the new Jetta.  He then goes through the classified’s and proceeds to take on a number of jobs in order to afford the new car.

Here is what we see Tom doing to earn money:

  • Nurse – what appears to be his regular job.
  • Golf ball collector at a driving range – you know the guy that drives the little car that gets hit with golf balls.
  • Self-defense dummy – you see a group of women beating up on him while he wears padding.
  • Dog walker.
  • Dresses up as a hot dog and hands out ads for a food joint.
  • Bicycle cab driver.
  • Rodeo clown.
  • Nude model.

What Tom finds out towards the end of the commercial is that the new Jetta isn’t that expensive (it only looks expensive).  Tom has saved up enough money to buy TWO Jettas.

I love this commercial. It’s smart in this economy (and funny too).  The people who made it get that folks are not looking to spend lavishly and rather than show someone buying a car and spend on the luxury, you see a person working hard to get what he wants.

Tom, the commercial character, sets a goal of making enough for the car. He goes out and WORKS as much as he can to earn the money.  We see different jobs where Tom has a picture of the Jetta hanging up to remind Tom why he’s working so hard and saving so much.  And throughout you never seem to see Tom complain or whine about his work!  He just does it, seemingly knowing what his end goal is.  At the end of the commercial Tom is still working, but now he’s working on washing his two cars that he bought with hard-earned money.

Tell me this isn’t a good message these days? How many people have you seen that couldn’t learn a bit from our friend Tom?  How many people do you know have worked more than one job for a goal (I did to help afford my first car)?  Odds are most just complain how little money they have or how expensive things are.  How many out there are willing to do what is necessary for a goal?

Below is the commercial for your enjoyment.  Tell me what you think!

By the way, the song in the commercial is Another Day, Another Dollar and was written by Wynn Stewart.  The actor is Adam Rose.

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Published or updated December 27, 2012.


  1. Excellent commercial! Shows how VW lowered their pricing on the Jetta and also how people can save (not get a loan) to buy the car.

    • Yes! I like the part of the commercial where you see the character with a wad of cash. Makes you believe that he saved enough cash to buy the cars rather than take a loan out.

      Also smart move on VW’s part on the price-point.

  2. I absolutely love this commercial and Volkswagon (I drive one)! This is just the type of commercial that inspires people to work hard for what they want and timely in todays economy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That’s freaking awesome! I love it. I agree, great message. Rare to see that these days. I hate VW(because my wife’s Cabrio was junk) but this is a very well done commercial.

  4. I like the message to a degree, and would like it even more if he ended up buying used! 🙂

    • Not sure how practical a commercial that would make for VW. Though dealers tend to make more off of used cars than new cars.

  5. Love the actor in this commercial! His face is priceless. Definitely agree to the WORKing part of earning a new car. Although, personally, I’m not a big fan of buying new cars.

    • I know a lot of people feel that way, buying used vs. new, but I think in today’s economy it can make sense to buy a new car.

  6. Working hard is good. Working a little less hard and spending less is even better. It leaves time for going for walks, reading, napping and playing self-defense dummy (Please tell me he did not do that just for the money!).

  7. Rich with SFP says:

    It is refreshing to see a commercial about someone working for what they want instead of borrowing themselves into a black hole! I like VW just for that alone!

  8. Best Commercial I have ever seen!!!! It is just how my dad made his life successful!!!

    • Your dad was a rodeo clown? Just kidding! Working hard for what we want seems to be a bit of a lost art these days.

      • Linda Joy says:

        LOLOLOL Too funny, no but he would have been if it paid and was available. LOLOL I am pretty sure he wasn’t a nude model either. 🙂

  9. I love this commercial! It’s hilarious, for one, and the song, Another Day, Another Dollar is so catchy. Plus, I’m a VW driver, a New Beetle Sport, so I’m very devoted.

    I came here to find out what the actor’s name is. Does anyone know?

    And I want to subscribe to this blog via email, so I’m going to go looking around for the Subscribe via Email box. If I can’t find one, please add it because some of us don’t like readers. (I’m being notified of followup comments, so if you don’t have an email subscription, please post a note that you’ve added it, so I will know to come back, and thank you!)

    • Yeah, the whole commercial is catchy.

      As for subscribing, if you check the upper right corner of the site there is an envelope to click on for email subscriptions. Thanks in advance for following!

  10. I love it, my daughter bought her OWN 1st car a “Jetta” and its a great ride. This song is perfect for this situation!.

  11. I own a Jetta. Kind of pissed that I bought it for much higher. Sigh. Win some, lose some.

    • Whenever I see an update of a car I have I think how nice it is and that I’d like the new features. But you can’t get bent about things like that. Cars tend to change every model year with major changes every few years. It’s just the cycle.

  12. Brilliant commercial in every way. Love the actor (who is he?) and the music is catchy and perfect for the ad……..Whoever the mind was that made this commercial materialize is genius!

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