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I love to have fresh writers contributing ideas here at Free From Broke. Additional contributors add to the knowledge of our readers and allow for more conversations.

Benefits of writing for Free From Broke

Writing for Free From Broke is a great opportunity to share your experience with a large readership and gain experience and feedback about your writing. If you are a blogger or writer, this is a great way to build your professional portfolio and/or drive traffic to your website.

Guest post guidelines for Free From Broke

  • Articles should be well-written, informative, must be original, and should not have been previously published elsewhere.
  • I prefer to give opportunities to fellow personal finance bloggers whose work I’m aware of.
  • Don’t bother contacting me if you are looking to place a sponsored post so you can place a link.
  • I prefer the article to be at least 700 words (but less is fine if it is well-written).
  • Articles should be related to personal finance, debt, investing, or managing your money.  I prefer articles that address a need for our readers such as a How-To or a Definition or Information-related over personal stories.  Please e-mail me with proposed topics if in doubt.
  • Please include a short author bio with a link back to your website and RSS feed if applicable.  I will credit you at the end of the post, indicating that your article is a guest post.
  • Feel free to add a reasonable number of links (1-2) back to your own web site related to the topic discussed within the content, but please do not use this as an opportunity to stuff the article full of keywords.  (If you add some relevant links from my site then that’s extra credit!)  Adding relevant links to authoritative articles is fine and encouraged (for example, the Wall Street Journal, etc…).
  • I retain full editorial and approval rights, including removing and/or substituting links.
  • No affiliate links.
  • Feel free to send image recommendations with the article. Please only include images that allow for derivatives unless you own the image (Flicker is a great source of images that allow for derivatives under the Creative Commons License).
  • Please send articles in html in a text file or in a Word document (HTML preferred).  Really, the easier you make it for me to publish the better!

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