5 Must Follow Home Energy Savings Tips for Summer

Everyone can take a few key steps to lower the amount of energy they use in their home. While you are reducing your carbon footprint, you will also be reducing your monthly utility bills.  Check out these five home energy savings tips for summer that are a win-win for everyone.

Replace those old air filters!

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many people overlook the main air filter on their air conditioner.  When the air filter is dirty, the unit has to work much harder to push the air through the dust and dirt.  Unfortunately, air filters are not quite as cheap as weather stripping.  If you want to avoid this cost, simply clean the filter regularly yourself.  It is recommended that this be done every three to four months to keep it from getting to the point of no return.  A good way to remember is to perform the routine cleaning on the first day of each season.Continue Reading

6 Things to Consider Before Retiring

After working long and hard for many years, the idea of retiring is very appealing.  However, you do not want to just decide to retire without proper planning. 

There are 6 important things to consider before retiring.

1. Volatility

If you are planning on retiring, the market volatility influences your retirement account when you have stocks or bonds.  The factors that impact volatility include the state of the economy, current events in the world, taxes, changes in the industry, political unrest, natural disasters and war.  Expanding your money out over different types of investments could help control the risk involved.  It is important to keep track of your portfolio, and make sure it is aligned within your goals.  Make sure your accounts are flexible, so you can make changes when needed.Continue Reading

Debt Doesn’t Mean You’re a Bad Person

How often have you heard of people covering up their debts? Or even worse, going into more debt buying things they don’t need to prove to people that they’re “not in debt.”  Too often, this shame someone feels drives them into further debt and causes havoc in other areas of their life.  I’m here to tell you there is another way!

Being in debt does not make you a bad or irresponsible person! I mean, if it did, then anyone who is making payments on a car or house is deemed a “bad person.”  More specifically though, I’m referring to serious consumer debt.  I feel that often times, people who have spending problems cover up their debt or feel ashamed about what they’ve done.  If you keep following a pattern of consumer debt and doing nothing about it, then yes, you are irresponsible!  But, it’s all about how you deal with your debt.  If you realize the damage you’re doing to your finances and do something about it, you learn a tough lesson and move on with life.
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