Send Credit Card Companies A Message By Using Cash Only

A few years ago, it was a credit card user’s world. As long as you paid on time and didn’t go over your limit, you could have your choice of credit cards and interest rates.  However, with the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act (CARD Act) that went into effect last year, meant to crack down on credit card companies, consumers are finding that they are paying higher interest rates.  In addition, it can be harder to negotiate a lower interest rate.

I had a credit card for over 15 years that routinely offered an interest rate below 10%.  Now, the interest rate is 15.99%.  When I called to have it lowered, they would not negotiate with me as they had in the past.  When I threatened to take my business elsewhere, they were unfazed.  “Sorry,” I was told, “there is nothing we can do at this point.”
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The 8 Least-Evil Banks as Determined by CNNMoney

CNNMoney has put together a list of the 8 least-evil banks.

What do they mean by least-evil?

Since legislation passed not long ago to reign in bank fees and unfair practices, more and more free banking is disappearing and many banks have been implementing all sorts of fees to make up for lost revenue from the new laws.  Some banks offer ways to avoid their fees but you have to jump through hoops to figure out how to qualify.

Why is this important? Bank fees can drain your account!  You can easily find yourself paying a good amount of money in bank fees every month.  According to a Wall Street Journal article (The New Bank Fees: How to Fight Back, June 19, 2010), the average fee for falling below the minimum balance on an interest-bearing account is $12.55 while the average overdraft fee was $29.58.  Add to that the fact that banks will be looking to either limit debit card transactions or add fees to the transactions and you can see how it’s getting expensive to bank!
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Shred Your Credit Card – Giving Away Over $2000 to See You Destroy Your Credit Card

Are you sick of your credit card? A lot of people are!  Now you have a chance to win cash prizes by destroying your credit card.

Perkstreet Financial and Lending Club are teaming up to help people end their reliance on credit cards. They are declaring January 31,2011 Shred Your Credit Card Day.  When credit isn’t used wisely it can snowball into tremendous debt.  Perkstreet and Lending Club want you to know there are alternatives to using a credit and that you can end your debt!

Shred Your Credit CardFrom December 15th, 2010 through January 29th, 2011, can can enter a video of yourself destroying your credit card(s) or why you are done with credit in 2011. Upload the video to and you can be entered to win!

Why you should participate (from the ShredYourCreditCard site):

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What Is Peer to Peer (Person to Person) Lending?

There has been a lot said about peer to peer (P2P) lending lately. With the economy and credit market crunch making it difficult to get more traditional loans, “alternative” lending opportunities are arising.  Peer to peer lending is a way for those who might be turned down by a bank to get the loans that they want/need, while providing an opportunity for investors to make some money by lending to others.

What is P2P (Person to Person) Lending?

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