Wyndham Rewards Hotel Points – A Review

Wyndham Rewards is the rewards program for a family of 12 hotel chains that are found throughout the world.  When you join Wyndham Rewards, you have the flexibility of choosing to earn points for free hotel stays and gift cards or airline miles or Amtrak miles.  If you stay at Windham resorts then it’s definitely worth checking out their rewards program.

You may be familiar with the members of the Wyndham Worldwide family:

  • Wyndham Hotels and Resorts
  • Wyndham Grand Collection
  • Wyndham Garden
  • Wingate by Wyndham
  • Hawthorn suites by Wyndham
  • Ramada Worldwide
  • Days Inn
  • Super 8
  • Baymont Inn & Suites
  • Microtel Inns & Suites
  • Howard Johnson
  • Travelodge
  • Knights Inn

How to earn points:

Wyndham Rewards are accrued at 10 points per dollar spent at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Wyndham Grand Collection, Wyndham Garden, Wingate, Ramada Worldwide, Days Inn, Super 8, Baymont Inn and Suites, Microtel Inn & Suites, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, and Knights Inn.  Hawthorn Suites earn 5 points per dollar spent.

Wyndham has partnered with 20 worldwide airlines.  If you choose to earn your points as airline miles, you will have to check with the specific airline partner for points earned.  Many of the airlines offer 2 points per dollar spent, but not all of them.

Amtrak Guest Rewards points can be earned at 2 points per dollar spent at Wyndham hotels, if that is how you choose to earn rewards.

There are 6,500 resorts, hotels and extended stay properties in 20 countries in the Wyndham family to choose from.

When you sign up for Wyndham Rewards, you can choose if you would prefer to earn Wyndham Rewards points or airline/rail points.  If you choose airline or rail points, you must have your membership number for the specific airline or Amtrak.  When registering, you are required to give basic information such as your name, address, and e-mail address.

Additional Ways to Earn Points

In addition to hotel stays, you can earn points a variety of other ways, including the following:

Use the Wyndham Rewards Visa, available with an annual fee and without one.

With an annual fee of $39 earn 18,000 bonus points after your first purchase or balance transfer, 5 points for each dollar spent on hotel stays, and 2 points for every dollar spent on everything else.

With NO annual fee earn 12,000 bonus points after your first purchase or balance transfer on the credit card, 3 points for each dollar spent on hotel stays, and 2 points for every dollar spent on everything else.

Book a car rental through Alamo, Avis, Budget or National and get 50 points per day.   In addition, Alamo and National offer 25% off your rental price and 500 points if you rent the car for 4 days or longer.

FTD orders earn 10 points per dollar spent in addition to special deals.  Mother’s Day bouquets earned an additional 550 points.

Earn points for paying your electric bill.  Earn 2 points for every dollar spent when you use Energy Plus; in addition, get 5,000 bonus points after your second monthly payment.

Special offers.  There is an entire page devoted to changing special offers at various hotels in the Wyndham family.  (While these don’t appear to earn you extra points, they do offer 15% to 20% discounts on your stay.)

Ways to Redeem Points

Reward nights at qualifying hotels in the U.S. and Canada range from 6,000 to 16,000 points depending on the tier of the hotel.  (Tiers range from 1 to 4.)  International reward nights vary in the number of points required depending on country and hotel.

Gift cards.  Earn a $25 gift card to popular chain restaurants such as Darden restaurants, Chili’s, Applebee’s etc. for 6,500 points.  Similarly, you can earn a $25 Amazon gift card for 6,500 points.

Donations.  A $50 donation to Hole in the Wall Camps, Christel House International, or Starlight Children’s Foundation is 10,500 points.  A $75 donation is 15,570 points and a $100 donation is 20,500 points.

Points expire after four years, as long as the account remains active.

So you can see, if you stay at any of the resorts in the Wyndham Worldwide family, it’s well worth looking into their rewards program.

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Published or updated December 6, 2012.


  1. Jim Sadler says:

    i HAVE TRIED AND TRIED TO REACH SOMEONE TO ASK SOME QUESTIONS AND APPEARS TO BE IMPOSSIBLE! I joined the rewards program way back and don’t know how many points I now have etc: My email has changed since I joined and I can’t seem to update that either! I have tried online services to no avail and tring to call is usless! Is there someone at Wyndym rewards I can contact to find out about my account??????????????????

    • 1-866-443-6181…. that’s the customer service number. I’ve always gotten through when I called and didn’t have to wait very long for someone to answer. They’ll ask you for your rewards number phone number name and address to verify its you and then they can answer your questions.

  2. Jim Sadler says:

    Your cooperation would be nice.

  3. William Maxey says:

    How long does it take for Wyndam Rewards points to be posted to account following earning them?

    • Joseph A. Duschl III says:

      I get weekly invites for Wyndham trips, but I would like to know how many rewards I have built over the past 4 years. We want to use them now and would like a speedy response. According to the previous letters, it takes longer for a response than a turtle crossing a interstate. Could you put this on top of your list to do.So we can either book with Wyndham or go directly to Ramada.
      Joseph A DuschlIII

  4. david m debord says:

    im trying to find out how many reward points i have

    • steven burkhalter says:

      I am trying to find out how many reward points I have accumulated with our last stay, thank you.

      • 1-866-443-6181…. call customer service. You’ll need your rewards number phone number name and address to verify it’s you and they’ll answer your question.

  5. valerie ford says:

    I was told my points was taken away because I have not stayed in one of the hotels in a year. I have stayed but did’nt know that my card was inactive until today. No one ever notified me to remind me of an agreement that they said was in paper work they sent me in 2004 when I first joined. (IF YOU DON’T STAY IN A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF TIME YOU WILL LOSE ALL POINTS AND YOUR CARD WILL BECOME INACTIVE) Why couldn’t an email be sent out regaurding this matter..I have lost all points and my card is inactive..This is BULL!!!!

    Spoke with someone stating that they were an office manager and she didn’t seem to care..

  6. valerie ford says:


  7. George Bateman says:

    We stay at Super 8 motels when we travel and we belong to Wyndham/rewards and we can’t find out how many points we have toward a free room. Nothing I have found on the internet has been able to tell me what
    we have. And what I have read on this website tells me that I am not the only one that nis really disappointed.

  8. james a smith says:

    want to know how many points it takes for a free night at a super 8 in corydan indiana

  9. Jack Gamble says:

    I have stayed at Wyndham hotels and used the rewards card since 2008. Today I called to inquire about points. I was told you have ZERO. I got nowhere with customer service and asked to speak with supervisor. She gave me a list of reasons why points were not credited, all of which were of course were no fault of theirs. There is a note on their computer indicating that I called in Aug to insure points were being added. The supervisor stated that does mean “anything”. Basically, I was told to research my records for all years since 2008 to find hotels, locations, and dates if there was going to be any chance of getting points. What’s more is the supervisor stated it is customers’ responsibility to ensure points are being applied, and she finds it hard to believe that I have not enquired about my points account before now. Sounds like I was just called a liar.

  10. Lauren Hager says:

    We have gathered lots of points we think but we can not find how or where to find how many we have and the websites don’t seem to have a place to find out how many points we have. I was given a number and the motels take my number but no idea how many we have. Help!

  11. I’m truly disappointed in this rewards program. I booked the hotel through the Days Inn website and this was the only available rate through the website. And they did not credit the point because it is a non professional booking rate. Really? The rate available through WYNDHAM HOTEL is a nonqualifying rate? It is frustrating to have chasing the few points here and there after every stay only to find out that it’s not qualified because of the rate happens to be less expensive than it should be. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  12. We went on a 45 day vacation trying to stay in Wyndham hotels to try and gain points. After the 45 day vacation I checked to see how many points we had. Surprise I had no points. I then proceeded to send in requests for the points to be added through the website. Each stay was individually submitted. It took me 2 hours. I have been told 3 times the points were approved and in 3-5 business days they would be added to my account. Todate I still have no points. I am finished with Wyndham hotels.


    I have copied and pasted the contact information from the main site you you think you are too lazy to go there::

    How can we help you?

    We’re available to answer your questions, offer assistance, and give you the information you need to get the best value from your membership.

    •Contact us by using our convenient online customer service form.

    •Call 1.866.WYN.RWDS (1.866.996.7937) ?Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., ET
    ?Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., ET

    •If hearing impaired, please call 1-800-861-9154.

  14. Jens Jensen says:

    We have stayed at two different location and didn’t have our card to get the credits, can this be done on line and if so what web site do .we go to.

    Count # 119000994g

    Jens jensen

  15. Wyndham Rewards is a rip off! They stole my points too. Yes, I said stole. Those were point I earned based on money I already spent. They took them due to inactivity. After speaking with a supervisor, they said my only other alternative was to leave a voicemail. Voicemail???? What kind of customer service is that? And they expect me to return for 4 more trips to “earn” all of those points back? They have LOST their minds. Never. My company spent $300K+ on their hotel over the course of 5 weeks and I have to earn them back?! I ALREADY EARNED MY FREE STAY. GIVE ME MY POINTS BACK!!!! I will search every forum out there and post as many comments as possible until I feel better! I’m thinking 300K posts will suffice!

  16. Bryan Eden says:

    This web sight sucks!! It is useless. All I what is to check my points and make a reservation and it won’t let me do that.

  17. Sandy Boswell says:

    Though I did not have that many points, I sure don’t remember anyone telling me that they would be taken away due to inactivity. Funny thing is they took them away 2 weeks after I had booked another hotel room – so I had activity on my account – if the reservation logs my account number why does that not count as activity. I will be looking at other hotel programs who won’t rip you off. After hearing comments from above about customer service, I’m not hopeful my e-mail will be answered – especially when I got an automatic reply saying due to overwhelming contacts it is going to take a long time to get back to me. Yeah, right. I’m very disappointed in this company!

  18. Jeff Hayes says:

    customer service was very unhelpful. They cannot combine accounts my wife and I set up, merge them, or transfer points.

  19. marc gill says:

    i have stayed at hotels for over 4 weeks on various different days, only one of the nights i stayed was added even though asking staff to enter my membership when checking in, i still had to contact wyndham rewards to have days added, then still they dont show up on my rewards points total, i dont know if they are manually entered and there is a back log or they just cant be assed to enter them onto the system, it is not a good set up

  20. Bekki Stupey says:

    We have tried for 3 days to use our points to book a free night. It started online and progressed to us calling the 800 number for the rewards program. We were told that our account was under review and we would hear back in 24 hours. It has now been over 48 hours and each time my husband calls he is given a run around. I don’t like Wyndham properties very much and now with this I will stay with Best Western and Choice.

  21. melissa bowen says:

    I have had great service with wyndam rewards. I didn’t like a room I booked I called them they switched hotels got a total refund and I’ve stayed 4 nights free. I can check points online and there’s a little box says redeem points it tell how many you need. Just sayin

  22. Wow i dont want to sound rude but wow you are all so cranked up over nothing i do not work for wyndham but travel a lot their site is very easy to navigate, customer service has always been nothing but awesome to me, and it does say when you sighn up that points will be cleared from your account if you do not have 1 stay within a 18 month time period.. i have had a lul in my travels and just recently got an email that i have to do something to keep my account active by Dec 31 this year, I have a trip planned for next year but I will either have to take an overnight trip or even just redeem some point for a git card and they will all stay active for another 18 month… I have not traveled much so dont have a ton of points and want to take a mojor trip so if any of you dont want your points you can gift them to me I will gladly take free points… and I will even deal with wyndham to restore your points if possible, sometimes it just take a calm word or well worded email to remind they you are a customer and they want you to come back..

    have an awesome day.. stay happy share a smile..

  23. This program is terrible and customer service stinks, dont waste your time, I know I wish I hadn’t

  24. Road Warrior says:

    I’m in regional sales and travel a lot. I spent my first year as a regular member and am now a Gold member. My experiences with Wyndham Rewards, both by phone and through their website, have been overwhelmingly positive. Have they ever made a mistake? Sure. But the few times there has been an error (most often uncredited stays) they have always been quick to correct them once pointed out. Checking my point account activity and balance is super easy, as is booking rooms ahead of each trip. The one caveat I would put out there is that this program is not well suited to people that stay in a motel/hotel only once or twice a year. You can get slightly cheaper non-point-earning room rates from booking sites like expedia, travelocity, etc and infrequent travelers are better off saving the $5 difference. But frequent travelers that sign up for every seasonal point promotion that Wyndham Rewards offers (if you’re a member, they notify you of the promotions by email) and are willing to book at standard Wyndham rates (typically 5-10% higher than AAA/CAA/AARP/etc discounted rates) can leverage those offers to -great- effect. The ‘standard’ point conversion is 10 points per $1 spent. However, by leveraging both the bonus-point incentives and seasonal promotions it’s not uncommon for my bookings to yield anywhere from 25 to 40 points per $1. If however you’re not a frequent traveler, you’re probably not going to earn enough points fast enough to make the time, effort and real-dollar cost of bonus premiums worth it. Instead, the infrequent traveler should find the lowest price they can find using a third-party discount booking service website, then call the property on the phone – not the central reservation service, but the -actual- front desk number of the -actual- property and see if they can book you for a lower rate than the third-party. Sometimes they can’t, but often times they can. If they can’t, then book with the third party, if they can, then make your booking directly with the front desk while you have them on the phone. Either way, you win.

  25. Last year back in November i had made my reservations through booking.com for Baymont in Arlington Texas, after making these trip arrangements i had spoken to a representative who set me up with the Wyndham program because Baymont was one of the hotels qualified for their program. So back in April i once again made a reservation for another one of their hotels in Arlington through booking.com and was told i could not receive my points because my reservations were made through a 3rd party. Not sure why my first reservation made through booking.com was qualified for the points but yet my second one wasn’t. I will no longer be dealing with them nor will i be staying at any of their participating hotels. It seems they only want to credit your account with points when its convenient for them. . When i told them just to remove me, they did so with no hesitation instead of trying to make things right. Total waste of time.

  26. Judy sabaitis says:

    I was Ali wondering why my points have t showed up yet. Based by all the comment, it sounds like it’s time to give the Better Business Bureau a call

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